#90: 5 Tips to Increase Your VA Rating for Migraines (with Q&A!)


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Do you have a VA rating for migraines or are you just now looking at filing for VA disability claim for headaches? Either way, these "5 Tips to Increase Your VA Rating for Migraines" are a game changer! Are you finally ready to get the VA disability rating and compensation YOU deserve? If you need some help with your VA disability claim, join VA Claims Insider Elite TODAY and get started on your VA disability claim for FREE: https://vaclaimsinsider.com/elite-mem...

***Video Timestamps & Resources*** ⏩ 00:00 VA Claims Insider Introduction ⏩ 00:25 We want to recognize you! ⏩ 01:00 Introducing Veteran Coaches Sandra & JReid ⏩ 05:00 There are over 150 different types of headaches for VA rating purposes ⏩ 10:15 VA Rating for Migraines Criteria from 0% to 50% explained ⏩ 15:29 You NEED to have a medical diagnosis of migraines (headaches) ⏩ 16:30 Migraines can be a secondary claim ⏩ 23:45 Migraine secondary to Sleep Apnea ⏩ 34:20 Claims are subjective to the individual ⏩ 40:00 How to service connect migraine headaches: Nexus Letters! ⏩ 47:20 Supply supporting evidence for your VA claim ⏩ 52:10 How do you get a credible Medical Nexus Letter? ⏩ 54:45 VA Claims Insider will be your guide to VA disability claim success

* How do I file a VA disability claim for migraines? * Now to tell if you’re eligible by law, you need to have all of these three: 1) A medical diagnosis of your migraine headache with medical evidence supporting your migraines. If you don’t have one, get your butt to the doctor!!! 2) Your headaches were either caused or worsened while on your active duty military service. 3) There must be a link or the instance or multiple instances caused to have your symptoms of Migraine Headaches you are experiencing today. In other words, do you have proof this happened while on active duty?

✔️Join VA Claims Insider Elite, get instant access to the ELITE Experience Portal (EEP) and $13,119 worth of proprietary VA claim resources TODAY, and obtain an Independent Medical Opinion (IMO), Disability Benefits Report (DBR) and Medical Nexus Letters: http://www.vaclaimsinsiderelite.com

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