Warrior Woman Guest- Emily Kwok [3rd Degree BJJ Black Belt, Princeton BJJ, Groundswell Grappling Concepts, Peak Performance Consultant, Mother]


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In today's episode, we get to sit down IN PERSON with Emily Kwok! Emily Kwok, is a multiple time IBJJF World Champion, MMA Veteran, co-owner and co-head instructor of Princeton Braziiian Jiu Jitsu, co-founder of Groundswell Grappling Concepts, featured instructor on the classic, “How to Defeat the Bigger, Stronger Opponent” series with Stephan Kesting, peak performance consultant and freelance writer working closely with business owner, Josh Waitzkin, and a mother of three. She is widely regarded as an early pioneer of the BJJ scene in North America, being one of the first females to rise to prominence as the sport expanded around the world.
In this episode, we discuss how Emily came to find the love, passion and skill for Brazilian JiuJitsu that led her to become a world champion and martial arts school founder in New Jersey.
We discuss:

  • Business outlines
  • What is acceptable and not acceptable behavior in the work place
  • How we act and react in situations both work and personal
  • How martial arts has helped us be able to navigate this world of small and large business, and running our own
  • What it takes to be successful
  • To not focus on what we are, but rather WHO we are. Who we are is what truly shows what we are, no matter our race, gender, ethnicity or history.
  • How we can honor each others differences and be in the same arena fighting towards the same common goals, not necessarily against each other (unless we are on the mats or in the ring- then it's go time!)
  • Time management and commitment between personal and professional responsibilities.
  • The importance of setting professional and personal boundaries
  • The importance in understanding how we can function better as athletes, business owners, and the roles we play within our family and friend dynamics as well

We thoroughly enjoyed this episode with Emily and are so incredibly honored to have met her and been able to share this space with her. Enjoy the show!

Princeton Braziiian Jiu Jitsu
Emily Kwok

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