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HOUR ONE (from the 6/23/2021 podcast): Sadly, the past is gone and cannot be changed – nor can we see into the future to prepare for what’s to come. We live in the here and now, and that is a constant. Or… is it? We’ll look at the mystery of time slips. (On The Edge of Time) *** Edvard Munch’s painting “The Scream” from 1892 is a masterpiece of the macabre – and when you hear him describe the piece and his inspiration for it, you’ll realize the painting is a lot closer to the artist’s life than anyone would want. (Curing Edvard Munch) *** Have you ever wondered why ghosts in the movies are so often female? What makes female ghosts scarier than male ghosts? I mean aside from that whole “a woman scorned” thing? We’ll look at some famous – and infamous female ghosts and urban legends around the world. (Infamous Female Ghosts and Urban Legends) *** AND MORE!
“On The Edge of Time” by Tim Swartz for UFO Review:
“Curing Edvard Munch” by Dr. Romeo Vitelli for Providentia:
“Infamous Female Ghosts and Urban Legends” posted at
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HOUR TWO (from the 6/25/2021 podcast: The movie, The Sixth Sense, has become a worldwide meme with the phrase “I see dead people”. But for one family in Britain, it’s not a joking matter. (My Children See dead People) *** Barbara and Patricia Grimes were murdered in 1956, but new clues have raised hopes the killer might still be caught. (The Unsolved Murder of the Grimes Sisters) *** “In space, no one can hear you scream” – not just a movie tagline, but reality for astronauts reporting some of the strangest things they’ve encountered while outside our atmosphere. (Space Cases) *** Rosemary’s Baby was a hit novel that became an iconic film, only to bring woe to nearly everyone who made it. We’ll look at the film which many people believe to be cursed. We’ll look at some real-life cases of women who believed they were pregnant with a demon child! And how can you tell if YOU are pregnant with the child of Lucifer? There are a few signs to look for! (Real Cases of Rosemary’s Baby)
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“The Cursed Film: Rosemary’s Baby” by Rosemary Counter for Vanity Fair:
“Real Cases of Rosemary’s Baby” by Lisa A Flowers for Ranker’s True Stories:
“Am I Pregnant With a Demon Spawn?” by Jacob Shelton for Graveyard Shift:
“My Children See Dead People” by Kate Jackson for The Sun: (link no longer available)
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“Space Cases” by John Lemelman for Ranker’s The Space Page:
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