EP 54 How to Pray for Physical Healing in Your Body- Power of Prayer Series- By His Stripes We Are Healed!


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EP 54 How to Pray for Physical Healing in Your Body- Power of Prayer Series- By His Stripes We Are Healed!

Hey ladies, welcome back. And we are back for a power of prayer series. And today we will be going over another piece of our last pie and we will be going over praying for our physical healing. Join me and we'll see it inside.

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Hey ladies, welcome back to this episode of Wholly Made Life™ and we're still in the series of the power of prayer. So the power of prayer series, and last time we went over the prayer and I directed that prayer for our children. And so the purpose of this series is to give you an idea of how you can use the word of God and use what it is that you need, what you're thankful for, what you're grateful for, what you're praising God for, and just have that daily intimate relationship with God, with your friends, your counselor, your father, , you know, the one that is there for you at all times, it's just a way to talk to him and develop that relationship. So, , I am just doing this power of prayer series in different areas of our life wheel. And since I did children last week, I think today we're going to do in our physical part of our pie, our life pie or our wheel of life.

We're going to talk about healing for our bodies. So, and these are just examples. I've, you know, made up some of these things I've used. , you know, I find scriptures and pray or reflect on those scriptures or use words from those scriptures. I've looked up different prayers for different things on the internet. , a lot of my friends I've asked, Hey, what do you do about this? Or do you have a good prayer or good scriptures that you pray when you were needing healing in your body or you're needing intervention for your children? So talk to those around you that are like-minded. And, , no, you know, those, those people that, you know, are, , pursuing a relationship with God through the word of God, through the Bible and ask them what are the scriptures they use? What are some prayers that they say?

And so that's where all of these things come from. So, I want to give credit where credit's due. So I don't know where a lot of these things are, come from. Basically, here’s what I do: I have a notes app for the iPhone on my Phone and I, every time I come across a prayer, whether I hear it, or whether I find it on the internet or a friend gives me reference or says a prayer, I make notes about that. And I keep a huge long, , place where I like, , basically have a whole list of different prayers and different scripture. So that's how I do it. So when I need to have some guidance, , or I need some help with my words, or I want to pray specifically or intentionally for something like my children or my marriage or healing, then I'll go to this reference that I've created on my iPhone.

Okay. So, the other thing to remember too, is that when you're coming to God, you know, we always want to come with him with a clean heart and, you know, every single day all of us have done or said something that maybe, , or, and been engaged in something, or maybe had an interaction that we weren't, , maybe as, , as intentional about being loving towards that person or towards that situation. And so we just always want to thank God and praise him for who he is and for his grace and his mercy, and ask him for forgiveness for any of those things that we may have in our hearts that are not, , clean that unconfessed sin in our lives so that we're not afraid to come to him or, you know, and he's the graceful merciful father. So he is there and he already knows anyway.

So just saying it to him, confessing it to him with your mouth, , will help, , you know, get you into the right state of mind. So let's talk a little bit about, let's see, let's go into prayer about healing for the body today. , and, and maybe I'll just go over some scriptures and then maybe I will just, you know, pray. So we'll just kind of do do this, and this was what this would be, what I would be doing, you know, with God as well. So, , James five 15 says the prayer of faith shall save the sick. So having that faith, God, I thank you that you're a faithful father, a faithful God. And I thank you for you increasing my faith. No weapon formed against us shall prosper. And every tongue that rises against me in judgment, you will condemn.

, I am strengthened by you God and I thank you God for being present in my spirit. , I renounce all bitterness, anger, revenge, unforgiveness, mouse, envy, jealousy, lust, , any pride or fear in the name of Jesus. I ask you for forgiveness for anything I've done or said that was not of the Lord. , and ask you to forgive me and, you know, reveal those things to me. If I have done or said something or been in a place where I am not, , walking out the purpose that you have for me, or I am not treating someone with the love of Jesus, reveal those things to me so that I can work to fix those. , and, and forgive me and allow me to start to forgive myself. , I am thankful for you because you, you bless me. You lift me up, you are gracious.

, you give me peace, you command blessings upon my life. And I'm thankful for that. , I got, I thank you for healing in my body. I thank you that, , your grace and goodness allows me to be in your presence, allows me to dwell with you forever. , even though I'm walking through the valley of the shadow of death, you are with me and your rod and your staff, they comfort me. So even when my circstances don't line up, God, I thank you to know that you are there with me. You haven't given me a spirit of fear. You've given me a sound, mind, a power and love and a sound mind. , that's in two Timothy, one seven, and I think, , I'm not the best with remembering the actual scriptures. God, forgive me for that. Let me have a heart for the word so that I can remember where scriptures are in the book.

, but I thank you that you've given me the book to read every day and remind myself every day of what you have said to me. And I thank you for that. , I thank you, God, that you are healing me through your protective and preserving blood of Jesus Christ. You, you preserve and you renew my spirit, soul, and body, and you have sent the world to the word to heal me the word to heal me. I receive healing from you now. And I thank you, God that you give me life more abundantly than I could ever even ask. , you heal me and I call upon the name of Jesus Christ, , against any other name, any time that there is a physical diagnosis that gives it a name, and we know that your name God is above all names. And we know that you were, you will heal us from that.

You will heal me from that. You will deliver me from things that are too strong for me. You will, you will take over when my strength is not enough. You are enough. And I thank you, God, you are God over all flesh. Therefore there is no sickness. There is no disease. There is no infirmity. , that ails me. You can deliver me from all of that. You deliver me from evil. You deliver me from all sickness. I am redeemed. I am, , redeemed from sickness and disease. , everything is stopped through the blood of Jesus Christ. And I thank you for that. Thank you for delivering us. God, you are the strength of my wife and you are that shield of faith that quenches every fiery dart of the enemy, even when it has a heavy name, , that is a physical diagnosis. You are over my life.

You are healing me. You are holding me in the cliff. The, you are hiding me under your wings. And I thank you God for that. , we release the fire of God to burn out any sickness or disease that would operate in our bodies in the name of Jesus Christ, no sickness or plague or illness or infirmity shall remain in my dwelling in my body or in my household heal me and I shall be healed. You are a healer, you heal all disease. , you, you said that we will live and not die. And if we proclaim proclaim the name of the Lord, and that is what we do today, we proclaim your name above all names. Thank you God for renewing my youth. , thank you for, , you, your, your sacrifice, you by your stripes, we are healed. All of it was finished.

It's already finished. , and I asked that we see you and your stripes and your wound, your wounds that were, that happened because of my transgressions. And I thank you God, for your sacrifice for me, you left me enough to have a finished work. And I thank you God for that. And, , God, let's see, I'm gonna go through this last part, God. , and I just I'm, I'm this thankful that you hear every prayer and every word I pray for every organ in our bodies. And those of the listening ladies that are here, I pray over them, command every organ in our bodies to function in the way that you intended them to be, , in the name of Jesus. I call out every tor in growth and let it melt right now in the name of Jesus in the presence of God, let any infection in their bodies be burned by the fire of God.

The fire of the holy spirit, I release them from. We release you, you, they are released, , from all allergies and viruses in the name of Jesus Christ, because you are the healer. You are the ultimate physician. I pray for their arteries and veins to be open and circulatory system to function properly in the name of Jesus. I pray that temperatures remain in the normal range that you've created them to be. I pray that their blood circulates around their body, to the heart, through the arteries, into the veins, to deliver oxygen and nutrients to their organs and carry waste products away in the name of Jesus Christ. I pray for the, , skin system, integentary system, , skin, hair, nails, sweat glands, and other glands to be healthy and to be functioning in the way that you've intended so that our youth is renewed and functions functioning in the way that you've designed them to in the name of Jesus, I pray for digestive and excretory systems to absorb nutrients and eliminate waste from their bodies as they were designed to do.

I pray for the endocrine system, which regulates hormones to function as you, God intended them to function in the name of Jesus. I pray for, , our immune systems to be strengthened in the name of Jesus. Also our lymphatic systems to defend our bodies from any pathogens, which we may be exposed to. I prefer muscular systems to be strengthened and be supple enough for them to be removed or move with ease and without pain in the name of Jesus. I pray for nervous systems to collect and process information from, from our senses via the nerves in our brain, as you've intended them to do our brains and spinal cords will process integrate and control information received from our sense organs and send instructions to the rest of our body, , in the way that you've designed it to. I pray for our renal and urinary systems, including our kidneys to filter blood and produce urine as waste to be expelled from our body.

Just as you've designed it specifically to do in our reproductive systems. God, I pray that they function as you've designed them to do right now. God, I just, I want to pray for all those I'm hoping and praying for a baby. God let their reproductive systems work exactly as you've designed them to do. And in the name of Jesus, I pray for their miracle pregnancies right now in the name of Jesus. I pray for our respiratory systems to be strengthened and recover from any virus or any allergy or anything that we've been exposed to. I pray that we function our lungs function, , and we'll not be impaired and it will function in the way that you've intended for our system to be strengthened and to be able to carry our body and organs as you've designed them to do I pray and know right now that we are made whole in Jesus Christ. And I thank you God for making us whole, I thank you for healing, our bodies and God, despite our circumstances, despite what we see in this world, God, we know what the truth is. And I thank you, God that you've created each of us so uniquely, but in such a miraculous way that our bodies will be healed in the name of Jesus. As you said, by your stripes, we are healed. And we thank you today in the name of Jesus. Amen.

Thank you guys. And join me next episode for the next prayer, the next power of prayer series. And we will go over another piece of our life pie and cover that piece in prayer.

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