EP 56 How to Pray for My Marriage-Power of Prayer Series: How Should I Pray for My Husband? What if He has Broken My Trust?


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EP 56 How to Pray for My Marriage-Power of Prayer Series: How Should I Pray for My Husband? What if He has Broken My Trust?

Hey, what's up guys. Welcome back to this episode of holy made life. And today we are going to continue our power of prayer series in we're gonna do some prayer about some different things that we may go through during marriage. So let's get into it.

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Okay, sisters. So I know that a lot of us may be married and today's episode is going to be about different things that we might go through in our marriage. So these are a few different prayers and these are prayers that I kind of go through and look at different women's sites and Christian women's sites. And just try to find kind of a compilation of prayers that are really designated for the relationship that should be rooted in Christ because marriage was God's idea. So when you said I do to your husband, it was God's idea. And quite frankly, if it wasn't a biblical start to the marriage, now that you're married, because marriage is God's idea, you are underneath his idea and underneath his his rule. So even if it didn't start out as it should have, you can still participate in the relationship under God together.

So we're gonna say a few prayers about different things that we go through in marriage. Okay. So let's do a marriage prayer for strength. Let's let's go to God right now in prayer and I'll just lead in prayer and you guys can pray along or add in your own stuff. Okay? Father, we come to you today in great praise and Thanksgiving. We come to you to you today in unity and in acknowledgement that you are the center of our marriage, this marriage was your idea. Even if we did not acknowledge that to begin with this marriage is a holy relationship and it reflects our relationship with you. And it reflects the love that you have for your children. You want so much for us to be in love with each other as we are with you. And we thank you that you were remind us to keep you at the center of our relationship.

Our marriage relationship is a form of worship to you. The better we are with each other in our marriage and keeping you the center of it. The, the better worship we are giving you as our God and father and provider show us how to follow your example of love and forgiveness and grace and mercy help us remove selfishness and pride from ourselves and humbly serve each other help us be more mindful of the other person than we are of ourselves. Help us to give more than we receive help us look out for each other's interests and help us take the time to notice each other and to hear the beat of our husband's heart and lay our head on his chest and let it rise and fall, fall, and be thankful for every breath that you've given him to take.

As he become becomes the priest of our, we pray for his strength as he leads us in a biblical way as a biblical husband, as a biblical parent, as a provider, as a protector. And we thank you for the strength that you are giving him through you to be there for us, us may the love that we have eat for each other grow wildly more and more every single day. May we want each other more and desire each other more today than we did yesterday and more tomorrow than we did today. Let our love be an example to our children. Let us remember that it is God first and then each other, and then our children, and then others, let us keep our relay in order in biblical order. Thank you God, for your hand in healing, those places in our hearts that have been damaged thank you for giving us a place to check our baggage that we've brought into this marriage and acknowledge that each of us have a room with our baggage in it, and that we should be mindful of each other's history.

Each other's triggers each other's desires, hopes, dreams, each other's downfalls our the places where we are weak, the places where we are hurt help us recognize that in our spouse and be more tender, be more loving, be more sensitive to those areas. Give us the strength and the wisdom and the discernment to know what to say in certain situations and what to do for our spouse. Let us have a heart of service towards our spouse. We thank you, God, that you've put the love within us, that we need to love our spouse is the right way. Let us be inspired by the word of truth in the Bible, let us be reminded of what kind of woman we should be with our husband. Help us to be understanding and have forgiveness and trust. for those of us who feel separated emotionally, God, we come before you today and we ask you to reveal in ourselves what it is we need to heal so that we can feel closer to our spouse.

Always remind us of what we need to do to improve and work on ourselves. And as we each work to work on ourselves, we will come closer to each other. As I improve myself, you will work on spouse. It is not my job to change my husband. It is not my duty to do that. It is my job to seek you first God and work on myself first. So I ask that you remind me when I am focused on him and him changing that you refocus my attention back on what I need to do differently, to be a better wife help us to identify and work through anything that's not pleasing to you between us and help us just reach a higher level of unity with each other spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally, financially. Thank you God for putting your hands on marriage. And we know that the enemy comes to attack marriage and try to split that up.

And God let us recognize the lies that come to attack our marriage. Let us recognize when the enemy is using tactics and using us again each other, so that we may reunite under your word and under your love. I, I pray for mutual growth. I pray that you give me a heart to chase after you and chase after your word and chase after the truth. And I pray that you give my husband a fire and a, and a desire to be hungry for your word and be hungry for becoming a, a, a biblical husband and serve in the way that you want him to serve in his how household. Thank you God for the wisdom. Thank you for the strength. Thank you for being faithful to us. And God, when there are times of disagreements financial disagreements, money disagreements, I ask that the stress of debt be canceled.

I ask that all debts be canceled and that any stress that we have about finances, we are able to reroute those to, to you and, and you help us discern how it is. We should arrange our finances in a way that will be great stewards for our family now and in the future to create legacy wealth. Thank you for your peace and contentment, regardless of what we have list of what's in the bank account. Thank you for always being our provider and reminding us that you are, you will always provide in a, in a case where we need restored, trust God for any women that are listening, that they feel like trust has been broken, or there needs to be a restoration of trust. I ask that there's reconciliation in both hearts of the spouses. I ask, they asked to be reconciled together that their love for each other will grow and blossom and be stronger than ever before.

And no matter what's happened in the past, that it is in the past and it can be forgiven and it can be healed. Wounds will be healed by your stripes. You said, will were healed. And we receive and believe that today. And we heal our marriage of any spiritual attacks or manipulations or any distractions that are trying to come in between us. We ask you to have mercy on our relationship. We ask you to rebuild trust and honesty. Things have been broken and separated. I pray for all soul ties to be broken in the name of Jesus. We, we pray for we actually demand for a seven full restoration of the trust and honesty that the evil one has stolen from us through distractions, through other people through behaviors and actions that were not aligned with what it was you were calling us to do as a husband or a wife.

So I pray for every woman now that is listening that needs that restoration of hope and hope is not ever lost. Hope is not lost. I ask for a complete understanding and revelation that any lack of trust and honesty, any action that either spouse has taken that has caused trust to be broken is an attack of the enemy. And the enemy will do whatever he can to split up the marriage because a powerful United marriage under God is a force to be reckoned with. And, and I pray for every couple, every woman listening to understand that the enemy is after any marriage. And so when trust is broken, it can be restored under God. So I just pray for that restoration. And I pray for hope right now in the name of Jesus for that woman who is in need of that right now today, I gotta ask for the, the giddy love of our wedding day to return and let that joy and peace and contentment and excitement be restored in our marriage and be stronger than it ever was.

I pray for a great friendship between husband and wife. I pray for grace when we mess up. I pray for we're. We're easy to forgive quick to forgive each other. I just thank you that you're a Redeemer, you're a restorer I, and you're a lover and you teach us all of those things and we share those things with our husband. Thank you for your love and faith faithfulness. Thank you for your power that you've given us to love each other. And I just wanna thank you for every woman and every husband that that you have put together. Thank you for the gift of their relationship. Thank you for the powerful unity that they bring with their relationship. I thank you for all the couples and people and children that they are destined to impact as a United couple. Thank you for that. And I thank you that when marriage gets tough, sometimes we just go again and I thank you for the strength to make the choice every day to stay married and to, to choose marriage, to choose to love this partner that you have given us. Amen.

I'll see you guys on the next episode.

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