Episode 240: Lisa Stone - Opportunities That Women Can Take to the Bank


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Lisa Stone creates opportunities for women that they can take to the bank. She’s so passionate about championing women, particularly women of color, because extensive research supports the fact that diversity on teams is better for business.

After a career in journalism, Lisa founded BlogHer as a way to lift up the voices of women in response to a lack of awareness of great female writers. During the last 5 years of Lisa’s time as CEO, she was able to pay $50 million to 6,500 bloggers. Talk about opportunities that women can take to the bank!

In this episode, Lisa tells Amy Jo she realized she was never going to make a big enough difference in putting money into the wallets of women unless she went into private equity. She came to this conclusion because women manage only 1.3% of the institutions that make up this $69 trillion industry. Lisa became a Managing Partner of a Venture Capital firm. She’s passionate about the extensive research showing that the more diversity you have on an investing team, the more money you are likely to make. She works to incorporate these findings into her team and the work that they do.

Lisa tells Amy Jo about a time of resilience when she lost her job and some advice on building confidence. She also shares her experience managing conflict in hostile boardrooms, and tips for others to do the same.

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