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How do you build a career that is fulfilling, both for you and for the world? You build it for yourself! Founder & CEO of Foundr, Nathan Chan, wasn’t a driven person for most of his life. He started off in a 9-5 IT job that he didn’t enjoy. After a life-changing trip to Europe, he decided that life was too short to work a job that he hated. He started Foundr as a side hustle with only $3,000 and used his day job to fuel its growth. In this episode, Nathan talks about how he pivoted into entrepreneurship and cultivated a mindset of growth, motivation, and humility in the process. Hala and Nathan discuss the realities of entrepreneurship and how to combine logic and intuition when making decisions.

Topics Include:

-Nathan’s lack of motivation early in life

-What helped Nathan develop his mindset?

-His first life coach, Tony

-How did Nathan come up with the idea for Foundr?

-Foundr’s main focus

-Nathan’s desire to become more masculine and step into his manhood

-Nathan’s life-changing trip to Europe

-When did Nathan realize he wanted to leave his corporate job?

-The steps Nathan took to leave his accounting job and get a job in marketing

-How Nathan’s deep dive into marketing led him to start Foundr

-How Foundr has evolved over time

-Nathan’s experience getting sued for trademark infringement

-How did Nathan stay motivated during Foundr’s slow growth?

-The reality of entrepreneurship

-The importance of learning from experienced people

-What does Jeff Bezos want from life?

-What leadership challenges has Nathan faced?

-Nathan’s natural ability to stay humble

-How to combine logic and intuition when making decisions

-The first steps to starting a business

-And other topics…

Nathan Chan is the founder and CEO of Foundr, a global media and education company for entrepreneurs. Nathan is also the publisher of Foundr magazine. Aside from the magazine, Foundr offers podcasts, courses, articles, and free training to help aspiring business leaders navigate the world of entrepreneurship. Millions of people engage with Foundr’s content every month.

Through Foundr, Nathan has interviewed highly-influential people like Seth Godin, Mark Cuban, and Richard Branson.

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