YAPSnacks: Best of Chris Voss, World's Top Negotiation Expert | Part 1


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Negotiations don’t always take place in a conference room. A negotiation is simply a discussion where both parties come to an agreement, so we are negotiating all the time. Something as small as talking to family about who’s bringing what to Christmas dinner is a negotiation!

And negotiations are not entirely verbal. Whether we realize it or not, we are influencing every negotiation with how we present ourselves.

Through paying more attention to our body language, our word choice, and the way we frame information, we can intentionally evoke more information from others, which can help us establish trust and build stronger relationships!

This episode of YAP Snacks will feature several pieces of negotiating advice from Chris Voss, a former FBI hostage negotiator and CEO of The Black Swan Group, where he’s using his extensive career in international crisis mitigation and high-stakes negotiation situations to teach people how to better negotiate and refine their communication style.

Stay tuned to find out more about refining your communication style to get what you want in everyday negotiations!

Topics include:

- Tone of voice

- Mirroring

- Emotional labeling

- How to use the words ‘I’m sorry’

- What does the word ‘fair’ really mean?

- Why you shouldn’t match people’s energy

- Lying to gain influence

- And other topics…

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