The Lost Children – the tiny girl with sad eyes who materialised in Danielle’s bedroom proved to be just one of the little lost souls pleading for her help to find their way home


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Today, I have someone very special to introduce you to, my friend Danielle. Dani, who’s become a beloved mentor to me, is a retired medical administrator in the field of palliative care. She’s a quiet and super caring soul with an extraordinary gift - Dani has been seeing and communicating with spirits all her life.

Dani and I met over email three years ago, after she heard me on a radio interview and reached out to share her joy at feeling, finally, that she’s not alone in experiencing the spiritual encounters she’d been having since she was five.

You’re about to hear some fascinating stories. From the tiny spirit of a little girl lost called Annabelle who showed up in Dani’s home, pleading for help, to the ongoing, detailed dream visions about high-profile missing children, that together encompass a prominent theme in Dani’s life. “I’m always looking for home,” Dani tells me, and so, of course, are these blessed children. What is it that draws these lost children to Dani? We talk about that too…

Dani shares her thoughts about how grief can hold our late loved ones back, about her lifelong fascination with native American culture and the past life in that time that she and her beloved dad lived together. She reveals the very moving story of the crisis apparition of her dear friend, Emmanuel, who manifested in her bedroom at the moment of his passing to let her know he was ok, and she also talks candidly about her recent journey with breast cancer and the unexpected beauty and blessings she found as she and her husband walked that rocky path together.

There’s so much more. I encourage you to stick around to the end as Dani shares some parting words that will impact you deeply.

Finally, as tends to happen when I interview psychic-mediums, for most of the conversation you will be able to hear what sounds like another conversation going on in the background. Both Dani and I were alone in our homes during the recording, with no TVs on nearby. Intriguing indeed… oh, and don’t forget to check Facebook, where I’ll posting pics relating to the uncanny moments Dani describes.

For now, settle in and enjoy my conversation with one of my own dearest spirit sisters…

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