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Remember "The Article" that sparked so much harassment that Courtney almost quit the Ace community? Well, today we talk to the writer of said article Michele Kirichanskaya. We discuss their forthcoming book, Ace Notes, their experience as a Jewish Ace, and SO much more!Di The Ace Couple
The other half of Aces Playing at Attraction, Satan, shares their experience as a Chinese, femme-presenting Ace. We discuss everything from decoupling sex & sin, dating sims, genderqueerness, birth control, asexual discourse, and so much more!Di The Ace Couple
Everybody is shipping #Wenclair. Netflix and the show's cast are leaning into the queer community with interviews and "Wednesgay" drag events without actually showing us meaningful gay rep on screen. Meanwhile, Wednesday could and should be an AroAce icon.Di The Ace Couple
Happy Ace Week & Disabled Ace Day! Today Mik shares zir experience as a Black, Disabled, “AAA Battery” with many of creative endeavors. We talk experiences of being asexual in the military, quoiromanticism, polyamory, becoming team lead of an all aspec stream team and so much more!Di The Ace Couple
The Washington Post claims that marital hatred is normal and that everyone who's been in a long-term relationship can relate. But IS it normal? Has EVERYONE experienced this? We've quarantined together for 2 1/2 years and haven't experienced it, so we remain skeptical...Di The Ace Couple
Lucy Bludell AKA Games by Kinmoku is the disabled, gray-ace indie game dev who brought us the wonderful visual novel One Night Stand. In this episode, we talk about their personal journey, why an ace would make a game about a one night stand, queer representation in gaming, and her forthcoming game VIDEOVERSE!…
Never Been Kissed by Timothy Janovsky has one of the best metaphors for oriented (gay, demi) asexuality that we've ever read. As a New Adult novel, it takes the conversations of sexual orientation a little further than YA books we've read with a demisexual character- which we appreciate very much!Di The Ace Couple
The religious organizations opposing platonic marriage believe that sex is the #1 most important component to marriage. In their own words, procreative sex is more important than personal bodily autonomy. This is compulsory sexuality, amatonormativity, and rape culture.Di The Ace Couple
Parvati Holcomb is our favorite character in the The Outer Worlds. She is Asexual and as her captain/confidant, you can play as an AroAce. This is groundbreaking rep for Aces in video games (and we don't just say that because her potential girlfriend works at “The Groundbreaker”)Di The Ace Couple
We are by NO means anti-kink-at-pride, however, there are some staple lines in The Discourse that we see over and over that run counter to our experience. So, here's our asexual perspective along with some added nuance to properly complicate the conversation. We know this is a hot-button issue and we really, truly come in peace. Please do not assum…
Popular Animator and YouTuber Jaiden Animations announced that she is AroAce! Rarely do we get real-world representation from someone with this big of a platform, so we talk about her video, the internet's reaction, and what this means to the community.Di The Ace Couple
Everything's Gonna Be Okay came on our radar in the same way Sex Education did: A singular scene that the Ace community kept sharing. Unlike Sex Education, however, this show became a fast favorite of ours for it's nuanced take on both asexual and autistic representation.Di The Ace Couple
Fog of Love is often described as “Romantic Comedy as a Board Game”, so what happens when a married Ace couple gives it a play? In this episode, we roleplay a fraught year in the relationship of Priscilla, the advertising manager and Bertrand, the career criminal. Silliness ensues.Di The Ace Couple
Bojack Horseman. We went from hating it, to loving it, to enshrining it is as one of our all-time favorite pieces of media. In 2016, we watched in delight as season 3 teased an asexual plotline for audience-favorite Todd Chavez. And friends, it only got better from there!Di The Ace Couple
It's Aromantic Spectrum Awareness Week! To celebrate, here's our introduction to Aromanticism. We discuss why this week is important, why Courtney might be a little bit Demi/Gray-Romantic (including an utterly embarrassing Elementary School story), and the concept of amatonormativity. Aromantic Spectrum Awareness Week is celebrated the last full we…
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