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AudioDramax : David Uystpruyst, Antoine Rouaud, Jean-Yves Blegiglio, Cédric Chalvet

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Audiodramax est un collectif de créateurs de fictions sonores. Laissez-vous emporter, plongez au cœur d’enquêtes, d’aventures, de découvertes… De la Science-Fiction et du Fantastique en Podcast.
North Murphy High is just a normal high school in a normal town in middle America. Or… it was, right up until the end of the last school year, when, well… Surviving the apocalypse is hard enough, to begin with. So is getting through high school in one piece. Trying to do both at the same time? Ugh. Murphy’s End is a weekly peek into the lives of the last remaining survivors as told through the morning announcements at the local high school. Because between the ongoing food shortage, the roam ...
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I am happy to present "One Shot in the Dark" - a rules-ultra-lite rpg for 1-4 players that can be played in about an hour. It's just a snack of a game, but it could be a fun way to get into solo gaming or just to try something new (with a healthy whiff of nostalgia).Di The Manticore
Season One Finale! Well, this is it, North Murphy High. It’s the last day of school for the year and that means, drumroll please.... It’s locker clean-out day! What kind of trouble can the students get into in the last few hours before summer break starts? Well… Maybe don’t ask. Murphy’s End is a Hindsight Podcasts Production. For more information,…
Bonnie’s killer has been found. Welcome to the aftermath. Murphy’s End is a Hindsight Podcasts Production. For more information, or to just come and say Hi, visit us at the links below: Website: Twitter: @MurphysEnd or @HindsightPN Facebook: Email: hindsightpodcas…
Hey everyone, It's Sara, the voice of Sammy. We just wanted to let you know that we've hit a bit of a delay. So there will be no new episode this week, but we'll be back next week on Tuesday July 20th, with episode 39. And one week after that will be episode 40, aka the season one finale. After the, we here at Hindsight Podcasts and the students of…
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