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VLOG March 24: Trump Watch wan, anonymous jury @SDNYLIVE DDC Pras Michel w/ Bannon as witness; crypto Fowler won't gamble, Gisele won't 'fess up to #FTX; UN Guterres corrupt on Ukraine, concealed link to CEFC China Energy
VLOG: Amid Trump Watch, Guo's chief of staff Yvette Wang offered $2.5M man - Bannon? Pras Michel for DC trial still wants Giuliani. Burmese hit man in case of sleaze of UN, failing as on Yemen Haiti & Cameroon
VLOG March 22: Trump Watch continues, as in @SDNYLIVE Hwang of Archegos 0 for 20 on motions, #OneCoin Dilkinska in but Ruja in the wind; Guo's chief of staff Yvette Wang gets new lawyer, UN Bans Press in NY & Now Whistleblower in Geneva…
VLOG March 21: Guo Wengui negative files due for Pras Michel trial March 27, Saipov wants life sentence April 17, Trump Watch; US says no privacy in meeting Assange; Epstein-related cases live, as JPMChase praised even as Dimon discovery
VLOG March 20: Amid Trump Watch, Guo Wengui / Pras Michel cases, Inner City Press covering both, & crony capitalism of UBS-CS & NYCB buying Signature with Barney Frank & Cephas on board, corrupt UNSG @AntonioGuterres charged with reSWIFTing a bank
VLOG: Epstein-related cases against JPM Chase have trial pushed back due to Jes Staley 3d party complaint; FinCEN to be summoned? Jan 6 case in SDNY; #NorthKorea meeting in UNSC blacked out, UN corrupt
VLOG March 16: Day after Kwok / Guo jailed, when will his chief of staff Yvette Wang be bailed, by whom? Crypto Fowler gambling in Arizona; from Signature to Credit Suisse; @USUN's #NorthKorea meeting blacked out in corrupt UN of @AntonioGuterres…
VLOG: Just after Guo / Kwok chief of staff Yvette Yangping Wang is detained until $5 million bond has 2 co-signers, with her case still listed as sealed, stand-up outside @SDNYLIVE courthouse. Story… Memo…
VLOG March 15: Honduras case, no 3500 material to leave USA; NYC employee Hakime gets 10-16 month deal for selling gun for hate crime; Casanova sentencing delay; corrupt UNSG @AntonioGuterres gives UNDP Arab States post to Assad supporter, bans Press
VLOG March 14: Life in Super Max for Saipov now book "Terror in Tribeca" In Epstein victims case, JPM Chase throws Jes Staley under bus; Hakime plea; First Republic board Tom Barrack like Signature's Barney Frank & Derrick Cephas
VLOG March 13: Death penalty deliberations on Saipov, Cohen to NYS Grand Jury at 2, Doe v. JPMChase at 4, SVB, Signature Bank & First Republic Fed FOIA fail rundown, Barney Frank and Cephas on Signature's board, UN corrupt
VLOG: Bankman-Fried's right to Zoom & VPN mulled in 11 am proceeding after 10 am on Avi Eisenberg, detained with limited contact with lawyers - double standards explored… Analysis on @SubstackInc here…
VLOG March 10: Today Bankman-Fried case, & Avi Eisenberg; Goldman's Roger Ng got 10 years as Nikola Trevor Milton renews argument for new trial, citing Kukushkin; Saipov & Buyer trials & 2 moves on Epstein, UN took his money, Guterres on GMax board, banning Press that asks
VLOG March 9: Epstein lives! At least in lawsuits against JPMorgan Chase, whose Jamie Dimon was today ruled subject to discovery in US Virgin Islands case & which filed 3d Party Complaint against Jes Staley in Jane Doe's suit against JPMC. Inner City Press on the case(s)
VLOG: Bankman-Fried faces 2 more laptops; Saipov death penalty deliberations (booklet coming); ex-Rep Buyer on the stand, cross. Missile on Ukraine as UNSG @AntonioGuterres sells Russian ammonia, @USUN silent on UN censorship of Press
VLOG March 8: Bankman-Fried co-D Singh sang (tweeted transcript); death penalty closings done in Saipov; ex-Rep Buyer's character witnesses; corporate drug dealer Doud to be sentenced today while UNSG @AntonioGuterres tries to sell Russian ammonium through Trammo
VLOG March 7: Closings in US v Sayfullo Saipov death penalty trial; ex-Rep Buyer paramour with non-prosecution agreement. Taxstone murder trial has guns & boxers. Corrupt UNSG @AntonioGuterres no answer on his terror selfies, moves on to sell ammonium for Russia
VLOG March 6: Trial of Daryl Campbell a/k/a Taxstone for murder of Ronald McPhatter, wounding of Roland Collins a/k/a Troy Ave - today guns and bullets, boxers and white T-shirt, vouchered by NYPD. Next, Rikers calls - Inner City Press story soon
VLOG March 6: Bankman-Fried on bail proposes to use Python & SQL; ex-Rep Buyer denied mistrial but gets curative; NYS Taxstone trial, NYC scaffolding and UN @AntonioGuterres selfie with terrorists, @USUN silent
VLOG March 3-2: Ethan Melzer has just been sentenced to 45 years in prison for trying to target his US military unit for terrorist attack: 240, 180 and 120 months, consecutive @SDNYLIVE story
VLOG March 3: Ex-Rep Buyer asks mis-trial; Corona brew-haha & sentencings of Melzer and Masoud, UN @AntonioGuterres sells ammonium for Russia but taps Cindy McCain, P5 scam
VLOG 2 March 2: Trial of Daryl Campbell a/k/a Taxstone for murder of Ronald McPhatter, wounding of Roland Collins a/k/a Troy Ave - today doc questioned about video of incident outside VIP room of concert, leg wounds, fatal shot to heart - Inner City Press story soon
VLOG March 2: Ex-Rep Buyer insider trading trial; Modelo v. Corona Hard Seltzer; gang member denied time served @SDNYLIVE; UNSC failure spun by new prez #Mozambique in corrupt UN of @AntonioGuterres
VLOG March 1: Saipov's terrorism expert says Uzbek gov't makes extremists (but Blinken gushes in Tashkent); ex-Rep Buyer openings, Corona Hard Selzer v beer trial; UN Big Tony lies in Iraq on way to get down in #Qatar, #WorldCupOfBlood
VLOG Feb 24: Bankman-Fried hit with new charges; Avi Eisenberg, detained, faces Mango Labs; Norman Seabrook wins sentence reduction, 10 day stay. UN Kabuki theater on Ukraine as SG Guterres sells Russian ammonium
VLOG Feb 22: Saipov death penalty phase, media ousted from courtroom, Press opposes, restored - behind wall? Sentencing of Isabella Pollok & Andrew Done, SouthKorea UN Mission loses, UN fails on Ukraine, @AntonioGuterres corrupt
VLOG Feb 16: Bankman-Fried 2:30 pm on VPN use, after co-signers unsealed upon Press motion; Saipov death penalty phase Day 4, OneCoin Gilbert Armenta secretive sentencing; UN sleaze as Beasley of WFP take Sudan coup award
VLOG: Bankman-Fried VPN use triggers Feb 16 hearing, Avi Eisenberg still detained. BOP has MCC video of Saipov, unlike Epstein. Seized Iran weapons to Ukraine? UN silent, as on Inner City Press' UN Police corruption scoop…
VLOG: Bankman-Fried used VPN to watch Super Bowl, US says productive; CFTC v. Gemini; unsealing OneCoin's Armenta, preview of Inner City Press' 10 am argument; UN Big Tony 3 photo ops Romania Uruguay & @MaltaUNMission , corrupt
VLOG Feb 13: Death penalty phase on Saipov begins, OneCoin Armenta still too-sealed (Feb 14 hearing); SBF conditions; EminiFX Alexandre plea, UN scam on child death & violent extremism, no answers on Saipov
VLOG Feb 9: Secretive Sam Bankman-Fried bail hearing, McGonigal & Dillon "The Pimp" Jordan. OneCoin Gilbert Armenta, unsealing hearing Feb 14. Emhoff at UN with censor @MelissaFleming of "We own the science"
VLOG Feb 8: Bankman-Fried appeals to try to keep co-signers secret; NFT case of Hermes, Jury Day 3; Carroll v. Trump, 2 cases - 1 trial? Ukraine failure of UNSC under @MaltaUNMission, hit on crypto gaming & Citizenship by Investment
Feb 6: For treasonous US soldier Ethan Melzer, US wants 45 years, while 5 for Hollywood (& Cuba) pimp Dillon Jordan. Other upcoming sentencings, after CCP balloon down and UN silent and complicit
Feb 3: DOJ detains Avi Eisenberg for Mango Markets, after agreeing to free SBF. Trevor Milton harps on anti-corporate juror's Press interview. UN corruption convict Cary Yan wants delay, UN covers up
VLOG Feb 2: Iran death squad case proceeds @SDNYLIVE as #NarcosHonduras Urbina Soto arrives in Mag Court, appeal; UN rapist Mutaz Hyassat of @JordanUN_NY loses, but UN & @USUN no-show, #TodaysUNisCorrupt
VLOG: After convicted Columbia OB/GYN Hadden remanded to jail pending his sentencing in April, stand-up outside @SDNYLIVE . It ended with the Federal Defender asking to be heard on an appeal, and Judge Berman: "I'm done. And you're done."
Feb 1 VLOG: Bankman-Fried banned from SIgnal at least thru Feb 7 (when unsealing appeal due, or not); Iran threat case 3 pm, convicted Doc Hadden noon, @MaltaUNMission Fraser 1pm, UNanswered, Strike 1
Jan 31: Bankman-Fried's co-signers ordered unsealed, after Inner City Press Jan 3 motion- but stay to Feb 7. OneCoin Armenta redacted; Mango v. Eisenberg, UN fails on Myanmar, @MaltaUNMission debut/test Feb 1
VLOG Jan 30-2: Moments after Bankman-Fried's bond co-signers ordered unsealed in response to Inner City Press Jan 3 motion and others' thereafter - but unsealing order stayed to Feb 7 to allow SBF to appeal #CourtTransparency #FollowTheMoney
Jan 30: Bankman-Fried wants to transfer assets, US wants him off Signal; co-signers still secret. Mango v. Eisenberg, Hermes trial on MetaBirkins. UN fraud Aghanistan, @MaltaUNMission starts at UNSC 2/1
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