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Are Blizzard's latest announced wotlk changes good or bad? And we brought in Josh Corbett from Countdown to Classic to discuss his thoughts on dev behaviour, TBC on a whole and his thoughts going forward into WoTLK.Di Sno & Zirene
We discuss more warglaives prio (should pvp be factored in), hilarious dazzling longsword rogue tricks for pvp, engineering becoming the best profession in the game and arcane mages doing nutty dps.Di Sno & Zirene
We re-visit DST prio talk with more rogue and hunter trinket dps numbers, discuss how to run effective loot councils and why some loot systems suck, then we go over all the things broken with TBC (including mages having infinite mana)Di Sno & Zirene
We talk no Blizzard's world buffs announcement for TBC, new world buff item, $40 character copy, and Josh Corbett (Countdown to Classic) + Ayle join Sno in the second half to discuss why they're anti-boosting.Di Sno & Zirene
We cover new TBC closed beta leaks, Faerlina GM abuse drama, Blizzard's new classic+ survey talks and the Raidmasters speed running event (and why Progress and some other top guilds aren't participating).Di Sno & Zirene
In this episode of Prepared: TBC Podcast, we talk gold caps going into TBC, why level 58 boosts might actually be good for the game, who gets warglaives pro, how Zirene's shaman got banned, pvp in tbc and more!Di Sno & Zirene
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