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Richie Firth is a broadcaster and professional idiot. He has spent years telling millions of people about his travel solutions, but just how good are they? He is joined by friend and producer of The Bugle Chris Skinner to embark on a series of missions involving cars, trains, planes, boats and more. Expect laughs, adventure, and tannoy announcements. Help the show to continue to rewrite history via Patreon:
Colin Firth and Tom Hooper discuss their critically acclaimed film, The King's Speech, at the Apple Store Regent Street in London. The film charts the personal relationship that developed between England's reluctant King George VI, plagued by a nervous stammer, and his irreverent Australian speech therapist. Moderated by Edith Bowman.
Sustainable futures visionary Livia Firth discusses her career with creative director and trendhawk Kinvara Balfour at the Apple Store Regent Street in London. Best known as a pioneer of sustainable and eco-friendly fashion, Firth founded Eco-Age Ltd. in 2007, overseeing global initiatives embracing ethical and sustainable values. In 2009, she launched The Green Carpet Challenge, working with A-list designers on red carpets worldwide to focus global attention on sustainability as a way of life.
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I recorded some stuff on green room as I couldn’t get time with Panks, then a lady called joy joined, so I’ve edited it to make it as funny as possible, then I got to speak to panks…. Then it cut out, then I was driving…. Then his young child vomited up on himself….. I chucked the green room on at the end…. Sorry in advance--- Send in a voice messa…
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