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The Life Extension Podcast discusses current efforts to significantly extend human live spans beyond normal medical progress. Science & technology, philosophy, politics, and business are together weaving a new posthuman mythology about our individual and social existence. Episodes present cutting-edge biomedical research, the status of various longevity therapies, and progress in replacing, enhancing, and possibly overcoming human biology with artificial intelligence. We are looking at under ...
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Apocalyptic fears and new utopian aspirations before the backdrop of digitalization, globalization, and urbanization. How environmentalism and transhumanism deliver opposed versions of a posthumanist worldview, and how they determine our political and social future.Di drb
A discussion of consciousness in philosophical and scientific thought and its relevance to how we are going to live with A.I., if humans could become machines, and machines become human. Also, about the irrelevance of that question once robots start to participate in social life.Di drb
A movement of radical technologists, scientists, philosophers, politicians, and business people is renegotiating the human condition. Information technology is taking over biology. Implications for consciousness, personal identities, cultures. Origin of beliefs.Di drb
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