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I migliori News and Entertainment podcast che abbiamo trovato
I migliori News and Entertainment podcast che abbiamo trovato
Qui potrai godere di correzioni settimanali e giornaliere su ciò che sta accadendo in questo momento, una supervisione della cultura popolare, dei media, degli spettacoli mattutini e dei podcast che coprono gli eventi più significativi della nostra esistenza attuale.

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Join journalist, Kizzy Cox, and comedian, Onika McLean, the hosts of What’s The 411, as they do a quick take on people and events from hip-hop and pop culture; and a fresh take on the activities of people and subjects in the news or, just because they want to. Check us out for comedy and hilarity, and seriousness, especially if you get called on the carpet. An Ebony #1 pick by someone named Ebony, What’s The 411 has interviews with celebrities and wannabe celebs, as well as, authors and info ...
A novelist writing chapters like episodes of TV shows. Telling stories in Sci-fi, Fantasy, and Urban Fantasy settings all with strong female representation. Eventually stories in the same setting even crossover. My finished books can be found Or you can just subscribe at and receive all the books in PDF format readable on Tablets, phones, PCs, and Ebook readers.
Sip on this TEA .... pop culture junkie and entertainment news addict Issen puts his own spin on contemporary celebrity news. Find out what's hot. What's not. What's good and what should be on the tea. Read the tea at ! We update ALL day everyday and Follow the tea on Instagram @gimmethetea Support this podcast: (
The podcast where host Ha'Rainna gives praise and covers 5 forms of pixels each week! Faith? Gaming? Entertainment? Pop culture? She covers it all! You can leave the show a voicemail message and see the show notes at ! You can email the show at You can reach out on twitter @PraiseAndPixels !
We are the Film Drifters! As creatives, our destination doesn't matter as much as the things we watch and experience along the way. That's what our show is all about. Each week, our show provides film and television reviews from two guys that make, watch, and love movies! Tune into our show for the latest in entertainments news and reviews!
The entertainment industry comprises of everything from concerts, TV studio production, festivals, nightclubs and bars. Bizzheadz look deeply in to what makes the industry tick and why the leading figure heads do what they do.
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EPISODE:3DATE:7-20-2021 Email: Website: Twitter: International VersionSo in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets. Masters of the universeSometime…
This is my final podcast episode. On top of that, I'm shocked how much of my backlog I had to delete just to upload this. I thought I had another week before it became a free account, but I was wrong. So the podcast is over, it fell apart, after years and years, if not half a decade of my hard work... and no one cared and no one will miss it at all…
John Krasinski spent a decade playing the role of Jim Halpert on the popular office comedy, the office. However, Jim is John in real life, and John is married to Emily Blunt. Emily grew up in Wandsworth, London, and quickly took up acting. After meeting the actress by chance at a restaurant in 2008, Krasinski knew she would, one day, become his wif…
July 26 celebrations in Cuba were dampened by protests, communication shutdowns and COVID-19 restrictions — a completely different experience from previous years' fiery speeches and street parties. Former Florida Democratic Rep. Joe Garcia has been watching events in Cuba closely.Di The World
As China experiments with frozen treats, people can now find popsicles shaped like the Great Wall of China, boba tea-flavored ice pops and even peppercorn-flavored ice cream. China's gelato shop owners say ice cream is gaining popularity the same way coffee did 30 years ago.Di The World
This episode of the Rush Hour we talk about the new OLED Switch that nobody wants. Hackers extorting EA with 780GB of stolen data. Dead Space remake reports surface and anger Anthony. Indie developers talk about how shitty Sony is. Digital farming ring discovered in Ukraine for FIFA FUT Coins. And lastly we talk about how amazing the SteamDeck is g…
"We never wrote the song for us. We didn’t do it to get attention. We did it for the people. We did [it] because we want change," said Cuban singer Randy Malcom, about his song, "Patria y vida," in an interview with The World's Latin America correspondent, Jorge Valencia.Di The World
Stan Swamy died on July 5. The Indian government said he died of medical causes, but now, officials from the US and United Nations are expressing concern about the circumstances of his death — and activists hope their pressure could force a turning point for human rights in the country.Di The World
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