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Join us as we start our multi-part series exploring the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World in honour of its 50th birthday. In this episode, we start at the TTC before monorail over past those opening day hotels and into the land Luke has spent thousands of hours in - Main Street, U.S.A!Di ReviewTyme
This week we do something that Luke and Dom have been doing for a while; we respond to people's 1-star reviews from the world's most popular theme parks. We've always enjoyed seeing other people's perspectives, and let's see if they can change our mind! Disclaimer: Please do not seek out these reviews and cause them any trouble. They are entitled t…
Join us as we wrap up our exploration of Universal Studios Japan and talk about the remaining lands at the park as they were during our visits in 2017/2018. Will Luke rant about the Wizarding World of Harry Potter? Probably!Di ReviewTyme
This week we start our exploration of what is arguably the best Universal Studios Park in the world - Universal Studios Japan. Throughout the course of this episode hear our thoughts on the entire left-hand side of the park including some long time favourites such as Backdraft and Terminator 2: 3D.Di ReviewTyme
This ride is name after the movie 'Wild Wild West' starring Will Smith... but in name only. Almost everything else is an incredible original journey through the ol' west in arguably what is one of Australia's best attractions! Join us as we go backward on a log flume, come face-to-face with a tinny speaker and confront our fear of 'no-source' warni…
This week we play a little game where we fight it out to decide the best Disney Theme Park for a number of categories such as Thrill Rides, Entertainment and more. The catch is we can't say the same theme park for more than one category. Will Dom and Luke agree on anything? Tune in to find out!Di ReviewTyme
This week we're wrapping up our exploration of Tokyo Disneyland exploring the final two lands on offer! So grab some Pan Galactic Pizza and join us for the final episode in the trilogy! The map we are using to discuss the park - ReviewTyme
This week we're back at Tokyo Disneyland exploring three more of the exciting lands on offer! So grab some Corn Pottage Popcorn and join us for the second episode in the trilogy! The map we are using to discuss the park - ReviewTyme
Join us as we begin to explore our largest park ever in our longest episode ever! Throughout the episode, we explore the excitement of Maihama Station, talk about a really long hot dog and a strangely short train line! The map we are using to discuss the park -…
This week we return again to Hong Kong Disneyland to explore the first phase of expansions that came to the resort, adding desperately needed attractions to the tiny park. Join us for the third part of our Hong Kong Disneyland Discussion with all the history, secrets and stories you've come to expect!…
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