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In this episode: Who cares about the Super Bowl?! There is a rumor that they are going to show a trailer for the Matrix 4! While we hold our breath for that, we talk everything from embarrassing zoom calls to eating so much you barf. games! Check it out!Di Mega64 Inc.
In this episode: Our dear sweet Garrett is celebrating his birthday by talking about the Night Stalker documentary! We also talk about all the stuff we experienced at Church when we were kids and we announced our newest stream event Olympic (board) Games!!!! Check it out! Good times ahead.Di Mega64 Inc.
In this episode: We try to figure out if we are attracted to the scary woman in the Resident Evil demo. We also go down memory lane and reminisce about AOL instant messenger. And your not going to believe this...but Garrett played Cyberpunk 2077 and this game might be broken. Check it out!Di Mega64 Inc.
In this episode: Mega64 is BACK for a brand new year, and doing what they do best- taking a dump all over a DC movie! Oh, and talking about making all their new videos. You know, the Evangelion one, the Todd & Aaron one, and... oh yeah, the Christmas stream we didn’t do. Oh man, there’s a lot to catch up on. Let’s go!…
On this week's episode of Mega64antine, we have on special guest Justin Pearson from The Locust, Dead Cross, and Three One G records. We talk about cancelling tours at the beginning of the pandemic, the recent coup attempt, and we talk about staying focused on making art during the pandemic.Di Mega64 Inc.
In this episode: You may have seen that we released a video called "The PS5 Absolutely Cannot Play Discs." In doing so apparently we got a lot of people mad at us. We talk about what the mean things they said and about making the video itself. Plus, what's more frustrating Bug Snacks or Demon Souls?Di Mega64 Inc.
In this episode: We talk about how rad the Mandalorian is, Shawn makes Garrett throw Rocco's brand new PS5 controller, and we discuss how tired we are of old people who don't know what a computer is being the majority of people who vote. Not anymore!!! It's our time baby!!!!Di Mega64 Inc.
In this episode: We find out with great dismay that Jared Leto is going to be the Joker once more. We talk about is the world can handle this right now and ask what has he been doing lately. We also talk about the fun on Mega64 Interactive Hell Festival! Check it out and lets have a laugh together.Di Mega64 Inc.
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