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Mama, do you feel overstretched- like there’s not enough time in your day or patience to go around? Are you overwhelmed with all of the things you’re expected to do and expected to be. Does the end of the day find you exhausted and fighting off mom-guilt thinking about the times throughout the day that you yelled or got aggravated when your kids asked you to play. Do you want more time for God, family, friends and rest, but can’t figure out how to make it happen? Do you want more patience, more joy and LESS STRESS?! Mama, there is a way! It’s time to step into the Nourished Life that God has planned for you! God promises His followers a life of peace, spiritual rest, joy and hope! Yes, even in this crazy busy season of your life! You are not meant to struggle through your days tired and stressed out. God has so much more for you! He’s calling you to thrive and flourish spiritually, mentally and physically - even when the kids are tugging on you and you feel like you have a million things to do. It’s my mission at The Nourished Mom to teach you strategies and tools to develop mindsets, habits and routines that will help you ditch the stress and cultivate more joy and peace. Hi, I’m Brandy Coffin, wife, mama, Jesus follower. I’m a Nutritional Therapy Coach and Life Coach for Christian moms. The Nourished Mom was birthed from my journey to to feel well, spiritually, physically and mentally so I could be the patient, kind and gentle mom I was created to be... Like most journeys, it started with a trial. The first year of my second son’s life was HARD. I lost the two people most important to me. I was dealing with unexplained health issues. I was exhausted, had chronic digestive issues and major anxiety. My new baby had health issues of his own and because of them he never slept and he always cried. I didn’t know how to cope. Of all the things that were chaos in my life, the only thing I felt I had any power to control was our health. So, I dove in deep, researching how to turn my health and my son’s health around. I went back to school to become a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. I learned the skills and techniques to help myself and my clients form new habits and routines that bring healing and wellness. I’m in awe of how God has used my journey to direct me toward His plans for my life. What started as Nutritional Therapy coaching has grown into something I never expected... As I coached women in Nutritional Therapy, time and time again our coaching uncovered deeper foundational beliefs and habits that needed to be addressed in order to bring about the changes my clients were looking for. God kept calling me to apply His truths and guidance to my coaching; to let His word be the foundation and motivation for all that I taught. As I followed the path God was calling me down... THE NOURISHED MOM WAS BORN! Now, I help Christian moms, like you, nourish their spirit, body and mind through healthy habits, renewed mindsets and balanced nutrition. Join me at The Nourished Mom Podcast to learn realistic strategies and methods to create lifegiving rhythms, routines and habits. We’re talking mindset renewal, time management, nutrition and mom hacks that will help you to defeat stress & overwhelm and CULTIVATE PEACE, hope and joy. Join the Nourished Mom Movement! facebook: Email: Learn More ---

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