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Do you feel totally overwhelmed, exhausted & drained in your everyday mom life? Do you wish you had more time + energy to devote to your marriage and, maybe even yourself? Do you feel constantly stuck & crave more balance in your life trying to raise Jesus-loving kids? Are you trying to juggle all these hats + roles while being away from your family/hometown? In this podcast, you will be equipped with the tools to not only create and maintain balance in your life, but also become set free of the exhausting & often draining hamster-wheel of the same routine day-after-day. Say bye bye to suffering under “Mom guilt” forever! My mission is to equip you to be an empowered + confident mama through simple time saving strategies, energy management, marriage help, self-care guidance & learn to trust your own intuition. If you’re ready to say YES to being a fully assured, calm & peaceful mom, without drowning under all your roles & staying stuck, then mama, you’re in the right place! Hey, I’m Cheyanne. Mom, Bonus-Mom, Wife & total Jesus-lover. For 3 years, I struggled to find balance as a new mom between my different roles as wife, mom, bonus mom and entrepreneur - all while living abroad over 5,000 miles away from my family. I kept trying to chase that “perfect mom” image I had in my head of how things were “supposed to be” that ultimately stole my joy and peace. I finally realized that if I was going to thrive in all the roles in my life, that I had to create a path of my own and find solutions that worked for me and my family. I needed to find practical solutions that empowered me as a mom of littles, living away from my comforts + norms of a village to support me. I was done doing this alone. I needed to create a lifestyle that allowed me to feel connected to my own mom-tuition. I found this and more and I am sooo ready to share it with you! If you are ready to finally let go of “Mom guilt” and find a supportive + encouraging space where you have simple, quick & easy solutions for balance at your fingertips…solutions that will fuel you as a mom to get unstuck & become the mom you want to be…results that are undeniable like better time management, more energy, finding yourself & confidence in disciplining your toddlers in a Godly way - then THIS, mama, is the podcast for you. Time to bust out that Bible, grab those headphones, pour that 3rd cup of coffee (or green smoothie) & get ready to be #Momspired. You’re no longer alone. Welcome to #MomNation. Connect: IG: Learn: Community:

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