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Glad to host a remote meetup with our trainer Scott Wlaschin, author of the book "Domain Modeling Made Functional".
Join us online to understand why F# and Domain-Driven Design is a great union... no prior Functional Programming experience needed!
👉🏾 Title of the talk
"Domain Modeling Made Functional"
🎯 Abstract
"Statically typed functional programming languages encourage a very different way of thinking about types. The type system is your friend, not an annoyance, and can be used in many ways that might not be familiar to OO programmers. Types can be used to represent the domain in a fine-grained, self-documenting way.
And in many cases, types can even be used to encode business rules so that you literally cannot create incorrect code. You can then use the static type checking almost as an instant unit test — making sure that your code is correct at compile time.
In this talk, we'll look at some of the ways you can use types as part of a domain-driven design process, with some simple real-world examples. No jargon, no maths, and no prior FP experience necessary."
🎙 Speaker
Scott Wlaschin.
📰 Bio
Scott Wlaschin is a developer, architect, and author. He is the author of the popular F# site, and the book "Domain Modeling Made Functional".
Known for his non-academic approach to functional programming, Scott is a popular speaker and has given talks at NDC, F# Exchange, DDD Europe, and other conferences around the world.
➡️ Scott is the author of the *online* workshop "Domain Modeling Made Functional":
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