A Communist's view on OP. Gladio, Conspiracies, Banking and more! w/ @urcommunistdad


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I was so excited for this show and was not disappointed. Brad ( @urcommunistdad ) helped me understand so much about marxism/leninsm. I elaborate in the intro, but its hilarious that we were brought together thru a mutual hate of the CIA. Anyway, listen w/ an open mind. The point of this show is we all can agree our system has failed. It is not working and a change must occur or our country and our world will disappear.
Links he sent for more info:
[Fundamentals of Marxism - YouTube](https://youtube.com/watch?v=GHcFwtLn6Xg&list=PLuzqoNvqVKydyRAMjDAHDikbVY9BDLC7V&index=1)
- [Michael Parenti on “conspiracy theory"](https://twitter.com/radicaltheory/status/1284183732639981569)
- [Conspiracy and Class Power](https://youtube.com/watch?v=QIEFD257E4U) - Michael Parenti
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Conspiracyorjac (jack allen) - youtube
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@conspiracyorjac - venmo

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