Glitches In Time


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On this episode of Expanded Perspectives the guys start the show off talking about what they have been up too, along with Luke and Cam's birthday quickly approaching. Then, a listener writes in with a strange experience they had while driving on a deserted road in July of 1976 in California. Where they abducted by alien beings? Next, a hunter up in the Bighorn Mountains of Wyoming, woke up one night to see a large hairy humanoid pillaging his cooler and throwing things around. After the break, Cam brings up some strange tales of glitches in time, overlapping time and time slips!
Time slips or time glitches are a commonly reported phenomenon. Many believe time slips support the holographic universe theory. Synchronicity is another phenomenon that for many supports this holographic universe theory. Some believe Deja Vu is another phenomenon that indicates we live in a simulation. Time lapses, glitches and losses are often associated with the paranormal.
This phenomenon is very broad and can manifest in many different ways, but it mainly manifests as objects that suddenly appear or disappear, as if spawned/respawned in a video game. This includes cars completely appearing from nowhere into traffic intersections, or people disappearing from a video out of nowhere. Fred Beck, one of the miners who fought off an attack by a group of Bigfoot in the Ape Canyon incident of 1924 held fast to the view that the creatures he saw were not flesh and blood but immaterial beings which had briefly manifested in the material world of human perceptions. He categorized them as inter-dimensional beings or unconscious manifestations, similar in creation to a 'Tulpa' or thought-form.
All of this and more on this installment of Expanded Perspectives!
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