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In this episode:
(1). Internet costs more. Beyond Trump's statements, and Obama's before him, the cost of the internet bill in the US has increased substantially. Now it's Biden's turn, let's see if he's stronger or the cable lobby.
(2). Venus Hell. Scientists have reached a level of technology where they are making silicon carbide-based instruments that could withstand the nearly 500° boiling temperature on Venus. Ready for exploration?
(3). Level 4 autonomous drones. Autonomous drones are also advancing. Let me tell you the story of a Philadelphia startup that has built an aircraft capable of a fully autonomous mission, and why this is a milestone.
(4). False reviews. As is often the case, wrongdoing is discovered by accident, but this time with hundreds of thousands of sellers and users working together to offer their products 5-star reviews on Amazon, we're looking at something really big.
(5). Hacking a Tesla. Since this is a software with wheels, and moreover updated on-air, the American company has been fighting for a long time, very seriously, to protect itself from hackers. But in this story, hackers come from the sky, win hands down, but luckily they had no bad intentions.
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