100: MMS Mindset Success At Different Stages Of Your Business


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100: MMS Mindset Success At Different Stages Of Your Business

Welcome to today’s show with Genecia Alluora- author of Make It Happen, Speaker, and the founder of Soul Rich Woman. In today’s episode, she will talk about mindset issues and different stages of your business. Stay tuned as she will share with you the 5 stages of your business and the mindset issues that you might face.

Stage 1

(1:45-1:47) Courage to own what did you do

(1:52-2:11) So action will be to put your job title or your desired title on your email signature. You will start to see it every day and to start to believe it in yourself. Now, this is coming from a space where you feel like a fraud, you feel like an impostor. So I want to help you.

(2:14-2:33) Maybe you are still in a job so it’s tough to juggle everything. Stressing about getting your first client or charging people. Making the transition from free to paid can be tricky but just pick a number and try it out.

(2:34-2:50) Procrasti branding- that means you add procrastination and branding. That means you keep getting stuck thinking you need a website to get started or get business cards. Just focus on getting your first client.

(2:51-3:08) Procrasti funnels- that means you have procrastination about building your funnels and you’re thinking what is the funnels that you need to build to get started or to launch your first landing page. You know what? Just focus on getting your first client.

(3:09-3:30) You might be still thinking of being your practice business. That’s okay, that means you’re practicing. It’s all good practice and it all counts. Be confident that your previous work experience or your practice, even though it failed in your businesses as all experiences count.

(3:32-3:38) The roller coaster of terror of having no income from the start.

(3:54-4:06) Say yes to everything. It’s all expensive. Throw everything at the wall and see if it sticks. So just try, go out there, never just filter everything.

Stage 2

(4:21-4:27) Here are some of the mindset issues that you might face in stage 2.

(4:29-4:30) Fear of being visible.

(4:36-4:55) You post on social media, you write on the Instagram you’ll get haters. Or if you do videos, people will criticize you. Now the fear stops when you’re doing more things in your business, well anyway, the reality is it probably won’t happen for a while anyway.

(4:56-5:02) You might struggle being consistent in your marketing because you are still figuring out your target market.

(5:16-5;36)Just tweak as you go along. Quit thinking and start doing. Just keep going and pay attention to what resonates with you and get a mentor to kick your ass as well. Now if you do nothing, to be honest, you will not be able to figure out what your audience really wants.

(5:38-5:44) Boundaries might start to be a problem with clients because you’re so excited to even have them.

(6:02-6:11) Anyway, this is priceless learning for you. When you are going through this journey and learning to set boundaries and when to say no.

(6:14-6:27) Procrastination and fear of creating passive income products even though you know that you should. Because you’re starting to see the limitations of doing one on one work.

(6:47-6:49) Less time, less freedom.

(6:53-6:59) You’re still learning everything yourself. So you’re thinking you could start to delegate some stuff out.

(7:07-7:21) You start to invest in yourself more maybe with a coach or masterminds. Start to say maybe to everything. Think about if it fits into your business before you say yes to opportunities.

Stage 3

(7:37-7:45) CEO is not Chief Executive Officer. In this stage 3, it’s called Chief Everything Officer.

(7:46-7:56) You want to not become Chief Everything Officer. You want to be the Chief Executive Officer, and that is key.

(7:57-8:13) You’re also gaining momentum. Time to raise your prices to make sure you have the right clients. Boundaries with clients make you realize you need to tighten up some of your legal processes. Now is the time to make sure you have your contracts sorted out.

(8:16-8:23) You’ll learn this by trial and error. Maybe through nightmare clients. Then again these are priceless lessons.

(8:25-8:27) Start outsourcing things that stress you out.

(8:38-8:49) You start to tighten up the costing, the cost center of your business. Maybe you get a little bit too excited about earning money that you get crazy spending on personal development.

(8:51-8:53) Now it’s time to start paying yourself salary in Stage 3.

(8:12-9:19) Start to say NO to things that aren’t in your zone of genius or things that don’t work for your business anymore.

Stage 4

(9:24-9:37) Loneliness. At this stage, it might be hard to find the right groups or masterminds for you. You need to be upgrading and make sure that you’re surrounding yourself with people with similar energy and vision of mindset with you.

(9:39-9:51) Copycats might be a problem at this stage 4. Well, people are noticing what you’re doing and then you’ll get people flat or accidentally copying you including all or current clients.

(9:53-9:57) Either don’t take it personally or get legal.

(10:16-10:22) Fame and popularity. You might get fangirls who love and adore you.

(10:31-10:52) Burnout. Now, some people get super burned out at this stage and wonder how they’ll keep going at this pace forever. And that is why I wanna tell you that you must build your freedom lifestyle. F-word, being fabulous, having freedom, financial independence, and a happy family. Work towards that.

Stage 5

(10:56-11:09) Embracing your role as a leader and being willing to take on the role in your communities. Be willing to hold the space for people. Set rules in your business in how you want to interact with people.

(10:31-11:37) You start to get more brutal with your time and evaluate opportunities with more business.

(11:50-12:10) You’ll learn how to manage your money better with financial advisers or accountant, learning to be a rich person. Some people look to retirement. What’s next? Maybe you don’t hustle as much. The momentum is hard to switch off here if you have been consistent for many years.


(12:17-12:25) Earlier on I’ve just mentioned to you the 5 different stages that really reflect the mindset issues that can pop up for you.

(12:49-13:01) We all have a part to play in this. This is your time and you are ready for the next step. The more you take action in a consistent way the faster you built your momentum and really grow your business.

Key Takeaways:

  1. All experiences count.
  2. Quit thinking and start doing.
  3. Learn to set boundaries.
  4. Learn to say NO.
  5. Start outsourcing things that stress you out.

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