141. Can You Grow It? Diet & Lifestyle Changes to Reduce Stress with Lahana Vigliano


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My guest today, Lahana Vigliano, is the CEO of Nuvitru Wellness and a board-certified and holistic clinical nutritionist in Austin, TX. She’s here to answer all of our questions about stress – where does it come from, how can we reduce it, and what is it really doing in our bodies?

She also asks some of her own – teaching us to question our food choices, what’s actually in your control, and what isn’t? It’s time to get honest with ourselves, and shame is not invited to the party.

Our bodies are so evolutionarily driven that when stress crops up, we can’t distinguish if we’re being chased by a lion, or are just stuck in traffic. It’s only natural that women’s bodies would try to shut down ovulation in times of danger as those would, to our body, seem like a pretty bad time to bring a child into the world – right?!

Lahana is wise beyond her years, sharing so many actionable tips in this one that you’ll want to grab a notepad. The key though, as she explains, is not letting your brand new anti-stress routine stress you out. Start with what feels natural – try spending time in nature, journaling, or breathwork – and build from there.

We Chat About:

  • Lahana’s background in medicine
  • Can you kill it? Food selection tips
  • Easy steps to less stress
  • What stress does to our body
  • The body’s evolutionary journey


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