LUYC 119: Mastering Notion to Keep Productive with Francesco D'Alessio


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What’s up everyone! This week I’m joined by Francesco D'Alessio, productivity expert, YouTuber, and founder of Keep Productive. He’s here to talk about his course, Notion Made Simple, and how he’s helping people find the best productivity tools for their work and life.

My mission is to help people find the right productivity software for their life and work.

Francesco’s passion for tech and productivity tools paved the way for Keep Productive, a blog and YouTube channel that currently has 105K subscribers and more than 10 million views. His course, Notion Made Simple, is an 8-module program that teaches learners at beginner, intermediate, and advanced experience levels how to master Notion. The course is built to help people learn to use Notion effectively, from navigating the vast number of features to managing projects and databases.

Tune in to hear Francesco’s tips about tech and productivity, and how he created Notion Made Simple.

Episode Quotes

"Just be patient. Good stuff comes a couple of years after, not next week."

"There is so much more creative freedom when you are doing these individual courses."

Listen to Learn

00:54 - Getting to know Francesco D'Alessio, Rapid 5 Questions

04:01 - How Keep Productive started, Keep Productive business model

09:53 - What is Notion?

12:01 - Notion Made Simple - Course goal and who it's for

15:58 - Pros of using Notion

18:12 - Notion Made Simple - Launching and lessons learned

22:42 - Importance of timing with courses based on tools

27:34 - Exciting things coming up from Francesco

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Episode 119

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