EP 39 | How to Lose It All and Come Back Even Stronger Through Mobile Home Park Investing with Eloy Retana


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On this episode of the Passive Income Attorney podcast, Seth is joined by Eloy Retana as they discuss the mobile home park sector and how this legitimate high-return, low-risk commercial investment vehicle is hitting the mainstream. Eloy explains why he made the jump to mobile home park investing and why you should, too, given the high demand for such a scarcely supplied product. Enjoy!

“There’s so many different ways of making money. It just depends on what you’re trying to accomplish. Are you trying to find another job or invest in your future?”


Here’s a breakdown of what to expect in this episode:

  • Learning financial education along the way and taking control
  • How to find your niche in real estate investing
  • How you can jump from single family houses to apartment complexes to mobile home parks
  • What makes mobile home parks better than multifamily assets
  • Considerations in looking for locations for mobile home parks
  • And so much more!


Eloy Retana is a real estate investor with 20 years of experience currently, actively, and passively invested in 95 multifamily units while also investing in his ongoing education through top-notch courses and personal mentorship with two of the industry’s leading experts Bryan Ellis and Adam A. Adams. He can build trust and deliver on his promises that forge the foundation of strong relationships with investors.

Eloy is also a network engineer exceeding 25 years of progressively responsible positions. With a demonstrated record of high-performance standards, including attention to schedules, details, deadlines, budgets, and quality of work, he brings high energy, enthusiasm, and dependability as an individual who excels in challenging and competitive environments. Also, he has a reputation for effectively communicating technical knowledge to all levels of an organization.


Website: www.partnerwithapex.com

Links: https://linktr.ee/eloyretana


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