#104: Burn Pit Exposure Presumptive Conditions Revealed: Burn Pit VA Disability Rating Explained (NEW!)


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In today's video, I'm going to reveal and explain the three (3) *NEW* Burn Pit Exposure Presumptive Conditions (Asthma, Sinusitis, Rhinitis or Rhinosinusitis) that were just announced this week by the VA. I'll also discuss the Burn Pit VA Disability Rating for 2021-2022. Effective August 5, 2021, Veterans who served in the Southwest Asia Theater of Operations and are Gulf War Veterans, or served in other regions and developed Asthma, Sinusitis, Rhinitis (or Rhinosinusitis, which is inflammation of the nasal cavity and paranasal sinuses) within 10 years from your separation from active duty service, these respiratory conditions will now be “presumed” to be service-connected. This new rule opens doors for many veterans who have been unable to service-connect these respiratory conditions until now! If you need some help with your VA Claim for Burn Pits, join VA Claims Insider Elite TODAY and get started on your VA disability claim for FREE: https://vaclaimsinsider.com/elite-mem...

***Video Timestamps & Resources*** ⏩ 00:12 Burn Pit Exposure Presumptive Conditions ⏩ 01:52 BACKGROUND on VA Burn Pits ⏩ 03:45 How to Get on the VA Burn Pit Registry ⏩ 06:05 Burn Pit Exposure Presumptive Conditions Revealed! ⏩ 11:07 How to Get a Burn Pit VA Disability Rating (NEW!) ⏩ 18:16 VA Burn Pit Eligibility Examples ⏩ 20:00 What if I've already filed a VA claim? ⏩ 24:26 Burn Pit Exposure Symptoms and Conditions List ⏩ 28:00 Download My #1 Rated VA Benefits Book FREE!

***VA Disability Ratings for Burn Pit Presumptive Conditions!*** How did we get here? The VA found sufficient evidence to conclude that particulate matter pollution is associated with chronic Asthma, Sinusitis, Rhinitis, and Rhinosinusitis for veterans who served in the Southwest Asia Theater of Operations from Aug. 2, 1990 to the present, or in Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Syria or Djibouti from Sept. 19, 2001 to the present. “The Southwest Asia Theater of Operations” includes Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, the neutral zone between Iraq and Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Oman, the Gulf of Aden, the Gulf of Oman, the Persian Gulf, the Arabian Sea, the Red Sea and the airspace above these locations. To establish presumptive service connection for Asthma, Sinusitis, and/or Rhinitis (to include Rhinosinusitis) under 38 CFR 3.320 for these Burn Pit Exposure Presumptive Conditions, your evidence of record must show qualifying service at one of the specified duty locations, and manifestation of the qualifying diagnosed chronic disability(ies) within the presumptive period (within 10 years of discharge from active duty service during the dates given above).

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