#73: How to Get a VA Rating for Fibromyalgia (Step-by-Step Tutorial)


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In this video, VA Claims Insider discusses "How to Get a VA Rating for Fibromyalgia." Veterans will learn how the VA rates Fibromyalgia, to include the rating criteria from 10%, 20%, to 40%. If you want a personalized VA claim strategy, start FREE here now: http://www.vaclaimsinsiderelite.com

***Video Timestamps & Resources*** ⏩ 00:00 VA Claims Insider Introduction ⏩ 01:25 There can be beauty in the brokenness ⏩ 07:08 We weren't created to do this alone ⏩ 21:40 What can the VA do better? ⏩ 31:25 Why veterans don't have benefits? ⏩ 34:00 VA Rating for Fibromyalgia + the "Rule Out" medical diagnosis ⏩ 41:00 VA Claims Insider won't let you quit! ⏩ 42:30 Step 1 You need to have a diagnosis ⏩ 51:00 C&P exam preparation is "Key" to success ⏩ 57:58 Q&A with VA Claims Insider Elite members

***Fibromyalgia, what is it and how to properly file a VA Disability Claim for it*** - How does the VA rate Fibromyalgia - * 10% if the symptoms require continuous medication for control * 20% if the symptoms are episodic, with exacerbations often precipitated by environmental or emotional stress or by overexertion, but symptoms that are present more than one-third of the time * 40% if the symptoms are constant or nearly constant, and are refractory to therapy. - How do I know if I have Fibromyalgia? - First of all, Fibromyalgia is a rule out diagnosis. Before the diagnosis of Fibromyalgia can be made, the muscle pain must be present for longer than three months. There is no blood test, or X-ray can tell if you have Fibromyalgia. The diagnosis is made solely by taking a history and doing a physical exam. During the exam, pain must be occurring at specific sites on the body called tender points. There are 18 of these sensitive spots. Most are located on the neck and back.

- Symptoms of Fibromyalgia in Veterans - Some of the other symptoms of fibromyalgia include: * Fatigue * Insomnia * Headaches * Nervousness * Numbness * Dizziness * Intestinal distress, including Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) Check out our awesome blog post for more information on Fibromyalgia and other VA Claims information!

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