EP 50 The Power of Prayer: The 5 Types of Prayer. The Gift of Praying for those You Love Through Thanksgiving, Praise, Worship, Petition, Intercession, Supplication, Spiritual Warfare


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EP 50 The Power of Prayer: The 5 Types of Prayer. The Gift of Praying for those You Love Through Thanksgiving, Praise, Worship, Petition, Intercession, Supplication, Spiritual Warfare

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Angie Tonini-Rogers is a daughter of a King first. Wife to the tall dark, handsome man she’s been with for 24 years, BoyMom of 3 boys, born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky. She’s been a nurse leader for over 15 years, & recently transitioned from a Chief Nursing Officer position to start her own business. She is the host of the inspiring and slightly provoking podcast, Wholly Made Life™, for Success-driven women who deserve it all, in all areas of their lives, not just the professional.

Her mission is to help successful, working moms create boundaries and balance in their lives, so that they can experience their God-sized, fulfilled, Whole Life, Holy Made.

Angie specializes in helping professional women tap into their whole God-sized life, through intentional life coaching; balance, boundary, and accountability strategies, and restoring the mindset that God has for her; helping her to uncover bold, courageous actions she can take to experience not just a good life, but claim fulfillment in all areas of her whole life.

Angie believes that each fearfully and wonderfully made woman has a God-given calling, and that we are more than “just” our title, position, and salary; we’re more than “just” a mom, wife, sister. Angie helps woman rediscover who they are, and identify areas of her life that may need a change.

Angie believes that God has a plan for each woman, that only she can live out and accomplish all the things He has for her; and His idea is always so much bigger and better than we can ever imagine. It’s a journey to become the woman she is called to be, and Angie believes that each of us need a community in which we can encourage each other to grow, learn, and lead in all areas of our lives.

Every woman deserves to live her life, feeling fulfilled in every area of her life. Girl, Let’s walk this thing out together, you deserve your Wholly Made Life™!

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Welcome back to this episode of Wholly Made Life™. This is episode 50. I cannot believe that I have made it to number 50 and I would not have made it without the constant feedback that I'm getting from you. Ladies listening your beautiful reviews that you've left your engagement in the Facebook group, your texts and your emails, your private messages on Facebook or Instagram. I have just been so grateful that I have been able to share with you guys and that you guys have reached out to, you know, commune with me and live life. And I just love each and every one of you guys that have participated in helping me, supporting me and supporting our community to help each other, grow into the women that God is calling us to be. So I just want to thank you today.

Today. I have a gift for you because I am praying for each one of you. And I think that sometimes we think that prayer has to be some formal regimented or powerful words, big words. And you know, really prayer is just the way that we build relationship with God. It's much like, you know, God wants to be in our lives and wants to work powerfully in our lives. And he just wants relationship with us. He wants to commune with us just like we want to commune with each other. And when you think about a friendship, it's hard to develop that friendship more deeply. If you're not having a phone call here or there, or grabbing a cup of tea or coffee together, or going out to eat or emailing or checking up on Facebook or whatever that relationship is with that friendship, it's kind of hard to develop that any further, if you're not engaging with each other.

And prayer is simply the way that we can commune and have relationship with God and because of our community and you guys I know how important prayer is and I know how powerful prayer can be. And you know, I think that you really know how much you love someone else based on how much time you're spending in prayer for them and about them. And a lot of times, you know, we don't always focus our prayers on external or out outward focus. So sometimes we're praying for ourselves praying for our own needs, our own family's needs, but you know, our prayer is powerful and God hears it. Whether we say it out loud or not, he knows everything about us. He knows our feelings. He knows our emotions. He knows our needs. He knows our wants, but he wants us to have that conversation with him.

And the more that I think that we can focus our prayer on others and outward focus, I think that that also blesses us. So I just want to challenge each and every one of us to love each other enough, to keep each other in prayer and spend that time to lift each other up in prayer so that we're all you know, covered and protected. And we're all standing in agreement together. When we stand in agreement, God's always right there in the midst of it. So I think it's important for us to just remember that as we pray to include time, that you spend praying for other people, praying for your church, praying for your schools, that you're a part of praying for your communities, your government leadership, the church leadership, your pastors, and their families. And all of those that are connected.

All of those that are in your cities, in your the grocery stores, you know, there's just so much power in prayer. And I think important to take time, to really be intentional about who you're praying for, how you're praying and making sure that we're including all of the little things and the big things, because I believe that power is prayer or prayer is powerful and power is prayer. So I guess both ways, but I wanted to kind of discuss a little bit because I think sometimes people just get nervous about prayer. I know that I used to, and I know even now in groups that I'm in, sometimes when people are hall on the prey, it's like, oh my gosh, like I had to pray out loud in front of this group. And it's kind of, I don't know if we've gotten conditioned to think that we have to sound a certain way or say a certain thing, or we have to be very biblically knowledge base.

You know, I'm the first one to admit that I have a difficult time memorizing scripture. I can talk about the gist of different things, but if I need to quote scripture, a lot of times I got to go look it up. And I have, you know, there are people that are kind of Bible scholars where I can think of one right now where I can say, okay, it was a, it was a story about this. Or it was a scripture, something about that.dot and that person can say, oh yeah, that's in you know Psalms two, five, or, you know, whatever. I have no idea what that is without looking, but, but you don't have to be this special person that has all of this biblical scripture memorized. You just talk, you just have a conversation and you just make your needs known.

So let's talk about the different kinds of prayer so that we can kind of dispel this whole pressure around what prayer should sound like or look like. Let's talk a little bit about what prayer is. So the first thing I there's different kinds of prayer. And the first thing I always I always start with, and this is just me and there is no particular order. There's no rule about how you start, what, when you start, when you pray. I mean, I literally pray throughout the day. I'm always talking and having a conversation with God about different things. But the first thing I do is I think, God, so I give praise and worship and thankfulness in, in in making sure that I take time to thank him for all of the, he's done all that he is doing and all that I know that he will do.

And I think that shows acknowledgement of everything that he's done and it shows love and respect and, you know, the reverence that we have for him and just giving him that do thankfulness and praise and, you know, it's great to always start every, every situation every day, every end, every day before you go to bed in thankfulness and in gratitude, there's so much power in, you know, if you can start your day off with what are you thankful for, or what are you grateful for? What, what do you have gratitude for that? Just start your day off in such a powerful way, way. So that's how I start off. I always start with thank, you know, thanking him, praising him and just worshiping him for all that he's done. And the next thing, and again, these are not in any particular order. This is just the different kinds of prayers that I tend to think of when I'm praying is petition intersession.

So this is where we are asking our own needs, but we're also asking in praying for concerns that we have for others. And you know, specifically, I like to focus this on the needs of others and it can be people or families or organizations but just you government, government leadership, those kinds of things, what is it that we need in our communities and in our, and in families that we know of this really just helps us to intercede and internalize God's word and exercise the power that he's given us to ask for what ask for what we desire, ask for what we need and focus that on others as well. What, you know, we need wisdom and strength and discernment for our government leaders, for our church leaders, for our the school leaders and faculty, you know, so it's okay that pray in general, and then it's okay to call each other's names out.

I like to, to keep a little list of people that I'm always praying for and call them names out and call her family's name, their family members names out because I want God to know that I am taking specific intentional time to, you know, ask him to meet the needs of those that are in my life. And then sometimes those that I don't even know, so petition in our session supplications. So this is a prayer and that involves the asking or you know, the earnest ask for something that is through reverence and almost a plea almost you're begging almost, but in a, in a way that's loving and caring and, and not, I don't mean that in any negative connotation whatsoever, but it's a hump. It's a humbling prayer. It is one that says, God, I surrender it all to you.

I have no control over this. I understand that you are the one that can take care of this. And I am giving it all away, giving it all up to you because you are the only one that can do this. So it's almost like you're begging him in, in a humble way, you're kneeling, you're, you're reverent, you're maybe you're bending down, maybe you're laying prone. But you are almost pleading with him to, to understand that you are giving it all to him. You're surrendering all of it. And that you don't, you know, that you don't have the control. And another kind of prayer that I think of is is like spiritual warfare. So we live in a world that is physical and fleshly. You know, we know that, but I also believe that we live in a world that is spiritual, where there we live among a spiritual realm and everything is not always fleshly that we're fighting against.

And as a matter of fact, when we deal with things, it is, is most of the time backed up by spiritual the spiritual realm. So powers and principalities, you know, there's, that is in the Bible as well as that. We are fighting against spiritual realms, not the flesh that stands in front of us. So it, you know, you pray for covering and protection. You pray for, you know, our paths to, you know, for him to go forward for him to go in front of us and prepare our paths so that we are armed and prepared when we come into contact with things that are beyond our control. And, you know, this is also some of the prayer that goes into protecting us from stuff that we never even know that we were protected from in the first place, because our prayer was sent out before us and our faith and trust in him that he is protecting us against stuff that we will never even come into contact with.

And then when we are in the middle of a circumstance in the middle of a hard trials tribulations, that he will deliver us from that you know, we ask him to deliver us from all evil and we ask him to help us out of every situation that comes forward and give us that strength where we would otherwise be weak. He works all things out for our good, and even in those times that are really hard for us to go through those times where we are feeling like we're in the dark, but we know that within us is that light to continue to push forward and continue to take each step one foot in front of the other because he is there and he has lit up our path. He is protecting us from harm, no weapon formed against us shall prosper.

We were, we, we are overcomers. We are conquerors. We are the head and not the tail above and not beneath. So that is all prayer that helps prepare us in the spiritual realm, prepare us so that we are equipped with that full armor of God, that Bible talks about so that we are prepared when we come against those things that are coming against us spiritually and in the spiritual realm, so that we are prepared for any of those attacks that come against us, because we know that the enemy comes to steal, to kill and destroy, but God is our safe Haven. God gives us that protection and that covering. So that's what I think of when I think of prayer, you know, kind of the different kinds of prayer Thanksgiving worship and praise petition and our session supplementation, supplication, excuse me, in spiritual warfare, where we fight our battles with our words.

And certainly it is important to you know, if you don't have God's word memorize, certainly, you know some things, but even if you can't quote all of the scripture in the Bible, you know, you've got a few scriptures that you can pull out. You know, I've said a few just throughout this podcast episode already, you know, where he works all things out for our good that's in Romans 8 28. So you just grab a couple of, of scriptures that speak to you. And sometimes it's, you know, if you're going through something and you want to look up, you know, maybe you have a need for financial provision. So you look up some different quotes in the, or different scriptures in the Bible that you can just pick one or two and you write them down and you read them every night, every morning, every night, every morning.

And then pretty soon you can start to say those things and add those things into your prayer. So it's just what I am trying to get across, I guess, is that I, I, it just it's, it bothers me when people feel like they can't pray and they can't have this relationship because you're missing out. If you're not able to pray and have that conversation with God, you're missing out on creating that deeper and deeper relationship. I mean, the more you talk to him, the more you see, the more that is revealed, the more the holy spirit talks back. The more open your heart is to receive and your eyes are opened to see what it is he's trying to show you and your ears are open to hear what it is. He's trying to tell you, you start to see confirmations when you are intentionally looking for those confirmations and for that relationship with the holy spirit with God.

And the more you talk to him though, is, is how that grows. So I would just encourage you to just talk, just talk to him like you do anybody else, and it doesn't have to be you know, any specific way. But if you need guidance, then just think about these, you know, four or five ways that I've just said, and, you know, start with the thankfulness and the, or the Thanksgiving and go into worship him and praise him, and then petition and inner seed replicates the supplication, and then thinking about spiritual warfare. So think about those things, if you need some guidance, but, you know, if nothing else just talk to him, just talk to him and say, what is on your mind, say what's on your heart and he will respond as long as you are open. And you are intentional about having that conversation with them, with him.

So that is kind of where I started when I started to pray. And of course there are, there are definitely glycan Matthew six that has the, our father in there. And I grew up I actually grew up Catholic and I know a lot of the different prayers that we say. One of the things that as I grew into adulthood, I wanted to make sure that when I say the, our father, for example, that I'm actually thinking about what those words mean. So that it's not just a, I'm not just repeating words that I'm not in my heart and soul in mind really thinking about and trying to connect with God about what it is I'm saying. When I say deliver me from evil, I am thinking about God, protect me equip me with the armor of God, you know, light my path go before me and protect, cover me and my family and all of those that I'm going to come in contact with.

You know, when I'm, when I'm on the road driving, I'm asking him to protect the roadways and protect the other drivers and myself. So, you know, I'm thinking through those words and putting meaning to it, to make sure that I'm not just, I don't want to just do or say something without really connecting to the relationship. It's kind of like when you are texting and your kids talking to you and you're answering or a kid, but you really are not connecting with your kid. And quite frankly, you might not even really be answering the question that the kid's asking or you might not even really be hearing what it is is that you're answering. You might just be talking and not even realizing what you're answering. So it's just, again, that intention of what it is you're doing at the moment and who you're talking to and what you're talking about.

So that is my recommendation for those who have given feedback to say that they don't really know, quote unquote, how to pray, or they feel uncomfortable with praying out loud. And the other thing is just do it, just do it more and more and more, do it every day by yourself with God. And so then when you are in, you know, you're sitting at a dinner table and someone says, Hey, can you bless the food? Can you can you pray over the food? Then you're able to just, you know, have that conversation. And I promise you, nobody's sitting around judging what, like, oh my gosh, she stuttered. Or she didn't say this or that or the other, you know it, it's not a contest. It's not, there's not an expectation there. Your just like the way I talked to one of my friends is different than maybe you may talk to that same friend.

Let's say we have a friend named Rachel. I might have a different relationship with Rachel and be able to say, and do different things with her, then you might. And so the same thing, when you say your prayer, it is your prayer to your, to God. And it's your relationship with him? It has nothing to do with the way I might have said the thing to God, right? So there is no comparison. There is you know, we all are grown women here. We know that it would be it wouldn't really be appropriate for me to compare the way that I'm dealing with Rachel to the way that Sarah is dealing with Rachel and then make myself feel bad because of the way that I talked to Rachel and our re our nature of our relationship compared to Sarah, is it just doesn't make sense.

Now in high school, you know, we may have participated and engaged in that, but at this point, especially, you know, women listen to listening to this podcast, we know that we are accountable and we are always striving to grow and become who it is God's called us to be. So we wouldn't necessarily be participating in some of that comparison with, you know, well, you know, I talked to Rachel differently than she does. And does that mean that Rachel likes me less or likes me more, or, you know what I mean? It just, it doesn't make sense, especially when we're talking about God, our father who has created us and loves us unconditionally. No matter what we do, he just wants to hear from us. So that's my encouragement for you today. And I, you know, this whole thing happened because I was just grateful that, you know, I made it to 50 episodes and knowing that there's women on the other end listening and, you know, knowing that I'm praying for you.

And I love you enough to pray for you and that quote, that not quote, but that idea of you really know how much you love someone based on how much time you're spending in prayer for them or about them. And that just kind of hit me hard and that it, you know, it may be a little convicting to you as well. It was to me when I first heard that. And so I am intentional to make sure that I spend time in prayer for the people I care about and that, you know, spend time in prayer for, you know, people in leadership and people that have heavy burdens that they have to carry for others, like pastors of churches, priests of churches or parishes leadership in government governors and mayors and presidents you know, these people have heavy, heavy burdens and very hard decisions to make.

And none of us are in their place. And I think it's important for us to lift them up in prayer regardless because they are still, all of them are children of God and they all need to be lifted up in prayer. And some of us have more responsibilities to hold on our shoulders than others. And not that that makes anybody's burdens heavier lighter, but just when you think about the president of the United States, or when you think about the governor, or when you think about a pastor of a church who is pastoring people, those are heavy burdens. You know, when you think about the single mama, that's, you know, raising three kids or the busy working mama raising kids and trying to figure out how to run their household, the, the wife, who's trying to make sure that she's a great wife.

All of those are heavy burdens. So it's, again, we're not getting into competitors about this, but I'm just pointing out that it's important to just pray for those people in your circle and pray for those people that have heavy burdens and have a lot of decision making power that they would make decisions that are spiritually based and led by the holy spirit and that kind of thing. So, ladies, I'm sorry for you today. I pray that you are able to openly build a deeper and stronger relationship with God. I pray that you are able to discard any places that you feel uncomfortable or places that you feel like you're not good enough or not worthy enough to just have a conversation with your father God because he wants that relationship with you. And so I just pray that you are able to have courage, be bold and talk to your father, talk to God and just talk to him like anybody else is for as that you would want to build a relationship with.

So I pray for increased knowledge. I pray for an increased burning desire to learn more of his word, because his word is the truth. It's the way it's the light. And it empowers you, and it empowers you to strengthen your relationship, not only with him, but with everyone else in your circles. So I thank you God for each and every woman and each, and every woman that's represented here, their families, their communities, their schools, their, their husbands, their children their churches, their jobs. I pray for their walk in every one of their circles, because each of them have a designed, specific purpose that you've given each of them that is meant to impact their circle. And I just thank you God, for the power that you've given within them. I ask you that you reveal that to them. If they need some light shed upon what it is that you've given them, what it is inside of her that needs to grow or needs to to be God, I ask that you reveal that to her so that she is equipped with the knowledge of what it is. She who it is she is and what it is she's supposed to do to walk in your purpose. Thank you, God. And I just, I praise you for all that you've done. I praise you for all that you're doing, and I praise you for that. All you're going to do. I just thank you God, for all the women and the families represented here in the name of Jesus. I pray for their covering and their protection. Amen. All right, ladies, I'll see you guys on episode 51 next time.

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