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Warning: eating disorders, suicide & sexual assault discussed briefly.

Have you ever been uncomfortable when someone uses the word “pleasure”? For most, it’s a word closely tied to sex and orgasm. But today, episode 141 of Becoming Iconic is about how pleasure is a truly joyful word that Jen and Kelli want to step into more often!

In this episode of Becoming Iconic, Kelli Tennant is sharing the importance of our words and how the word pleasure in particular can be used to experience a fuller life.

Kelli and I cover some of the following topics:

  • How trending words can take on new meanings due to misuse from the general public, and how it can lead to misguided and misinformed client sales
  • What pleasure actually means and how Jen and Kelli are utilizing it in their lives today
  • How fear of the unknown can be masked as gratitude, and how to allow for pleasure instead
  • How connected our sense of self and experiencing pleasure is with how safe in our own bodies we feel - and how to get that sense of safety back if we’ve lost it

Pleasure can be sexual but it doesn’t have to remain there. By allowing yourself to experience, to experiment, and to encourage yourself to seek pleasure, you become a better person. So be sure to tune in to all the episodes to receive tons of practical tips on all things business, style, relationships and family.

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