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Episode Summary

Welcome to The No Cap Health Show, a weekly podcast where Dr. Brian Boxer Wachler uses his decades of experience in medicine and ability as an expert researcher to provide a light- hearted approach and share health trends popular on TikTok. In this episode, Dr. Brian provides his Cap/No Cap analysis on today’s topic: Magic Pimple Remover?

What causes acne? What are some best practices for getting rid of acne, pimples and other spots? What’s the difference between AHA and BHA? Find out in today’s episode!

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Key Takeaways

01:14 – Dr. Brian takes a moment to encourage listeners to reach out and Rate and Review this podcast on RateThisPodcast.com/NoCap

02:06 – Dr. Brian introduces today’s topic: Magic Pimple Remover

04:21 – Tips and best practices for getting rid of spots or pimples

05:27 – AHA and BHA

06:28 – How Adapalene works

07:15 – Dr. Brian provides the Cap/No Cap Recap of today’s episode, teases next week’s topic, and reminds listeners to Rate and Review this podcast on RateThisPodcast.com/NoCap.

Tweetable Quotes

“I know it would seem so nice to be able to do this at home, just go out into the yard and reach your hand into a beehive and get some good, fresh honeycomb and squeeze it with your bare hands. No, nobody’s going to do that except for the Liver King.” (03:20) (Dr. Brian)

“What’s very important is to clean the skin. So, you want to use a very good cleanser to try to get rid of as much of the dirt, oil and dead skin cells as you can.” (05:14) (Dr. Brian)

“AHA is very good as a superficial treatment. And BHA, like salicylic acid, penetrates deeper so it helps to remove those bonds so you can get rid of the dead skin cells at deeper layers.” (06:06) (Dr. Brian)

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Dr. Brian’s amazing new book on social media, INFLUENCED, featuring his incredible insights and experiences along with many of your favorite influencers. Endorsed by many influencers including Rob “Gronk” Gronkowski - https://www.influencedsocialmedia.com/

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