LUYC 106: Ditching Your Impostor Complex with Tanya Geisler


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What’s up everyone! In this episode, I am joined by Tanya Geisler, leadership coach, TEDx speaker, and the encouraging voice behind Starring Role Playbook. Tanya is here today to share her entrepreneurial journey and how she’s helping women bust out of their Impostor Complex with her course and coaching.

Don’t postpone joy. Do the thing you are called to do. Do it!

Tanya came to coaching after years in an outwardly successful but ultimately unsatisfying career in advertising. Her fascination about the Impostor Complex, and as someone who personally struggled with it, Tanya created Starring Role Playbook to help people claim the success that is rightfully theirs. Her course is a journey that allows her students to recognize their own potential, empower them to achieve it, and live life to the fullest.

Listen as Tanya shares her magnificent story, how she created Starring Role Playbook, and how her course is transforming the lives of her students. Enjoy!

Episode Quotes
"It was important for me to see in real time what was coming up for folks."
"Completion is not a requirement for transformation."
"Be supportive as possible without needing to have an outcome look at a very specific way."
“Life’s a grand production. Step into your starring role.”

Listen to Learn
00:55 Getting to know Tanya Geisler, Rapid 5 Questions
04:47 Tanya's entrepreneurial journey
07:29 What is Impostor Complex? - "Fake it 'till you make it"
14:47 Tanya's course (Starring Role Playbook) - who is it for?
19:26 Starring Role Playbook - creation and launching
20:36 Benefits of teaching the course live
22:51 Starring Role Playbook - course goal and student's journey
31:12 Where students get stuck and how Tanya supports them
33:01 Challenges and learning moments as a course creator
34:53 Exciting things coming up from Tanya, website link

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