#169: Slingshot Your Way to Market Domination with Gabor George Burt


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Humans are never satisfied, and neither are your customers! Gabor George Burt, the global authority on re-imagining boundaries and the author of Slingshot: Re-imagine Your Business, Re-Imagine Your Life, knows the secret to staying relevant and keeping your target audience infatuated with your business. The answer is the slingshot strategy which employs creativity and innovation to bring your business from the red sea to the blue ocean, where competition is irrelevant and opportunity is endless. In this episode, Hala and Gabor chat about the five steps to the slingshot strategy, discuss how to keep customers infatuated, how to defy conventional wisdom, and give examples of the accordion chart process.

Topics Include:

- How cultural immersion as a child impacts him today

- The intersection of psychology and business

- What is the Blue Ocean Strategy?

- Defining Value Innovation

- Five steps of the slingshot strategy

- What is infatuation integration

- Using feedback to fuel innovation

- The power of customization

- Lifestyle enrichment and staying relevant

- What kids and imagination teach us about lifestyle enrichment

- Defying conventional wisdom

- The opossum test

- Examples of the accordion chart process

- Why is it important to have a broad definition of the utility of your product?

- Questions to ask in the accordion chart process

- Example of the accordion chart process

- What is the concept of the red ocean?

- Gabor’s actionable advice

- Gabor’s secret to profiting in life

- And other topics…

Gabor George Burt is the global authority on re-imagining boundaries and the author of the book Slingshot. He is also one of the top experts on Blue Ocean Strategy, the new millennium’s most influential business leadership approach. He contributed case study material to the worldwide bestselling book of the same name, Blue Ocean Strategy, and originated its most popular blog.

Gabor is actively involved in shaping strategy for a diverse group of international clients ranging from top multinationals & governments to start-ups & NGOs and leads by example through his own initiatives.

He has been cited among the Top 13 Disruptive Visionaries, and featured in influential business publications including Harvard Business Review, Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, and others. Gabor is also often a featured speaker at high-profile events, including the World Marketing Forum, the First Arab Innovation Summit, the Forum for Partnership of the Americas, Forum One, among others.

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YAP listeners get special access to Gabor’s Book, Slingshot. Use the coupon code 'SPECIAL', to enjoy a 20% discount: https://gaborgeorgeburt.com/get-the-book

Blue Ocean Strategy by W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne: https://www.amazon.com/Blue-Ocean-Strategy-Uncontested-Competition/dp/1591396190

Gabor’s Website: https://gaborgeorgeburt.com/

Gabor’s Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/gabor-george-burt/

Gabor’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gaborgeorgeburt/

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