#YAPClassic: Run it Like Clockwork with Mike Michalowicz


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Serial entrepreneur and author Mike Michalowicz believes that your business can run itself. Many entrepreneurs feel like their business requires their constant supervision or else it will fail. But what if your business could run like clockwork, continuing to profit and grow even while your focus is elsewhere? Imagine the freedom and possibility this would provide! In this episode, Hala and Mike talk about the seven steps to help a business run like clockwork, Mike gives advice on hiring and building a team, talks about how you can move from delegating to designing, and goes deep on his “profit first” mentality.

Topics Include:

- Mike’s entrepreneurial journey

- Key milestones in his career

- Why productivity is a trap

- Go from “doer” to “designer”

- The four Ds of business

- Advice for hiring

- 7 steps to help a business run like clockwork

- Analyze existing time

- Queen Bee Roll (QBR)

- Capturing systems

- Balancing the team

- Finding the right clients

- The four-week vacation

- Pareto Principle and the 80/20 rule

- Profit first mentality

- Parkinson’s Theory

- Mike’s secret to profiting in life

- And other topics…

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