(S5 E2) Objective Evidence for NDEs


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On the last episode, Brian Chilton and Curtis Evelo asserted that NDEs can fit within the biblical worldview if one accepts the soul survival perspective. They continue their discussion by showing the objective evidence for NDEs, showing that they actually do occur. Furthermore, they note what can be taken from their reality.

BCP S5 E2 Title: “Objective Evidence for NDEs”

  1. As a recap, what are NDEs?
  2. Explain the difference between objective and subjective evidence? And, what kind of evidence do we seek for NDEs?
  3. Have people verified seeing objects outside their body?
  4. Are there cases where people have seen events outside the body during NDEs?
  5. Have people verified places outside their bodies during NDEs?
  6. Have blind people reported cases of having visual experiences during NDEs?
  7. Some people claim that hallucinations explain NDEs. Have any cases occurred which hallucinations cannot answer?
  8. Have people seen deceased members which are confirmed on this side?
  9. What do you take from these NDE cases?
  10. Are there similarities in these cases?

Brian Chilton: Founder of Bellator Christi Ministries

Brian G. Chilton is the founder of BellatorChristi.com, the co-host of The Bellator Christi Podcast, and the author of the Layman’s Manual on Christian Apologetics. Brian is a PhD Candidate in the Theology and Apologetics program at Liberty University, holds an MDiv in Theology from Liberty University, and a Bachelor of Science from Gardner-Webb University. He has served in pastoral ministry for 20 years and currently serves as a clinical hospice chaplain.


Curtis Evelo: Co-Host and Producer of the Bellator Christi Podcast

Curtis Evelo is a cattle rancher at the E6 Hereford Ranch in St. Ignatius, Montana. Curtis is the Co-Host and Producer of the Bellator Christi Podcast. He often teaches and speaks at his church Cornerstone Faith Center in St. Ignatius. Curtis provides a common-sense approach to Christianity as he contemplates the wonders of God’s creation in Big Sky Country.

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(Article) Brian G. Chilton, “Near-Death Experiences and the Bible,” BellatorChristi.com (January 7, 2013), https://bellatorchristi.com/2013/01/07/near-death-experiences-and-the-bible/

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