How to Increase the Peace: "Whole Brain Living" with Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor


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Ever feel like someone else has taken over your brain? Ever wonder why sometimes you can be so focused and methodical and other times the complete opposite? The cancer experience can sometimes fell like a roller coaster with stress and uncertainty around each turn. Sometimes it’s hard to show up the way you’d like.
In this episode, Jill Bolte Taylor, Ph.D., Harvard-trained neuroanatomist and author of the best-selling memoir My Stroke of Insight, explains concepts from her most recent book, Whole Brain Living, including the four characters of the brain, how to recognize each one, and how summon them all when needed. This practice of calling a “Brain Huddle” can be particularly beneficial during times of great stress and uncertainty, as with a cancer diagnosis.
Dr. Taylor’s extensive knowledge of the brain is rivaled only by her incredible compassion. We think this episode will leave you with a better understanding of what’s happening in your own brain, and inspire you to “hook into the love instead of the fear”.
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