Following Your Path With Perseverance And Optimism


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Ulrike and her guest, Sue Falcone, the high-energy, award-winning CEO of ‘Remarkable! A Speakers Bureau’, are speaking about the importance to stay true to yourself to achieve your goals and what is important today if you want to be listened to.

Sue has had a successful career spanning many decades and demonstrates with unwavering energy that lifelong growth and learning are the basis for a successful and happy life.

Even in difficult times, Sue has not let herself be diverted from her path and has always been full of optimism in pursuing her own goals. Her inspiring and uplifting story contains many insights that everyone can apply to their own lives.

In the second part of the episode, Sue and Ulrike discuss the qualities of good speakers and explore what has changed with Covid and how these new demands are also a great opportunity to stand out.

If you want to be inspired to follow your path with perseverance and optimism and get some tips on how to successfully deliver your messages, this episode is for you!

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About Sue Falcone

Sue Falcone has decades of experience from every side of the event-planning experience as a former corporate executive, event planner, professional speaker, and now as a talent "booker". This depth and breadth of firsthand knowledge give her unequaled insights into the challenges of the speaking industry today, and how to meet those challenges.

About Ulrike Seminati

Ulrike Seminati is a long-standing senior executive, coach and author. After over 20 years of being a successful leader in corporate organizations, Ulrike believes that female leadership is one of the biggest untapped potentials in the world. Ulrike is known for combining all her experience and years of excelling in the corporate world with powerful self-development techniques that she gives it to hard workers like you, allowing you to flourish, realize the root causes of your struggle, and finally land that leadership spot you’re after!

Outline of the Episode:

[01:45] Making conscious choices about your career

[06:24] Identifying and focussing on what you want

[09:28] Optimism and authenticity that carry you forward

[10:19] Standing by what you really want

[17:10] Being a good speaker is different today

[22:01] Engaging the audience through a computer screen

[26:30] Being surrounded by the right people and learning from others

Resources of Sue Falcone:

Website: Remarkable! A Speakers Bureau Website

LinkedIn: Sue Falcone- LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn: LinkedIn Remarkable! A Speakers Bureau Company Page

New Company One-sheet: Remarkable! A Speakers Bureau New Company One-Sheet

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