Special Episode 03: Gourmet Dishes?


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1. Yummy Dishes Unique to Niigata
2. Lecture: Niigata Dialect Part 3, "Hara Kucche"
Today, we will introduce you to famous foods in Niigata.
Sasa Dango, Poppoyaki, and Kiku.
★Sasa Dango★
Ok, so...I'm going to introduce Niigata's special food, it's called Sasa Dango. I think Sasa is the leaf,the bamboo leaf, on the outside, right? It has an interesting smell, maybe flavor. Is this made from... Grass? Looks like grass?
Ok, so... I'm going to try to eat Sasa Dango. Is there something inside?
Sweet bean paste. Ok, let's try...very sticky!
Many people in Niigata City like it. How about you?
Thank you!
Poppoyaki is kind of sweets and bread. It tastes like
brown sugar. This is a special food which is sold in
stalls on streets or temples or shrine at festival.
 ~o-cchan's talk~
A girl bought it. Many people love it!
We've found dericious and rare dishes in Niigata.
If you visit Niigata, don't miss out on the opportunity
to try some of these wonderful meals.
Special Thanks tp:
Tina, who introduced 'sasa dango,'
The 'o-cchan' and a lady selling 'poppo-yaki' at a shrine,
The clerks in a supermarket where we bought 'kiku' flower

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