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Dave and Marc continue their conversation with Corey. This one is probably a bit more informative… But just as fun!

Jargon warning… Sorry. Marc tried to keep Dave on track and away from all the jargon to varying degrees of success.

Mash basic steps

Some microbiology basics on how we get sugars from protein



Cooling (or not)


Bottles and kegs and cans Oh MY!

Hops Growing (Near and dear to Dave's heart)

A Brewers Bouquet; The Hop Flower

How to grow


Full plant

Spring or fall planting

Male and Female plants! Who knew!!!

Stages of Hop Growth

Rapid Growth of vegetative bines

Side arm development

Burr growth on side arms

Cone growth

Lupulin development

On bine drying

Hop Drying

Low heat lots of air movement

Delicious smelling garage

Vacuum bags

Green hop beer

Hop Additions

Mash / First Wort Hopping - Aroma

60 minute /Bittering Additions -lots of bittering

60 - 30 minute / Flavor additions/light bittering

0 minutes Flameout additions

Primary fermentation / Hazy fermentation (Dave forgot this one!)

Post fermentation / Dry Hopping

Ingredients matter- Shop Local


Basics (extract)

Turkey Frier and a 8 gallon (SS) pot

Basics (Partial Mash)

Extract basics + Grain and grain bag

Basics (Full mash)

Electric or Gas?!

Mash vessel (big kettle, igloo cooler) with devent temperature control

Boil Kettle (big vessel to boil entire work volume)

Hot Liquor Tank (Vessel for keeping water hot)

Method for maintaining mash temperature

HERMS (Heat Exchange Recirculating Mash System) or RIMS (Recirculation Infusion Mash System)

Direct fire vessel

Lots of thermal insulation

Fermentation Location!

Cool and temperature stable location



The Southern Growl (again!)

Wicked Weed

Yakima Valley Hops

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