31. How To Execute Your Goals With These 4 Disciplines


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Have you been in this situation before? In a meeting where everyone is excited and willing to fix one of your biggest problems at work, you come up with a strategy fairly quickly, but when it comes to following through, it all falls apart. The capacity to execute just isn’t there. So, how do you get past that finish line?

In today’s episode, we unpack the 4 Disciplines Of Execution by Chris McChesney, an incredible guide to the principles you need to push past plateaus and conquer all your goals. By following this system you can prioritize your goals, know the challenges of execution that stand in your way, and make the right choices for your workflow that will bring the biggest returns.

Listen in as we talk in-depth about focus, leverage, engagement, accountability, and how you can use these principles in unique ways to inspire creativity and excitement around lofty goals. You’ll learn why you should shave down the number of goals you have, how simplifying will help you not harm you, and even the power of everyone having the same overarching vision. Get an inside look as we talk about how we’ll apply these disciplines to our own podcast, and the wildly important goals we are setting our sights on.

Whether you’re a boss or an employee, if it’s at work or at home, these 4 disciplines of execution will have you achieving your goals faster than you thought possible! So, get comfy, grab a notebook and pen, and hit play. Because This episode is jam-packed with information on how to dive headfirst into that dreaded to-do list.

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More Of What’s Inside:

  • The number one issue that holds you back
  • How to prioritize your to-do list
  • The 4 disciplines of execution
  • The reason strategy isn’t executed on
  • Focusing on less goals at a time
  • Moving towards a clear goal
  • Focusing on lead measures instead of lag measures
  • The 3 qualities of a miserable job
  • Creating easy engagement
  • The discipline of accountability
  • How to apply the 4 disciplines as a leader or follower
  • Applying these principles to our own podcast!
  • And much more!


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Episode Minute By Minute:

  • 1:14 - Recap of our atomic habits
  • 7:08 - Breaking bad habits
  • 12:42 - Creating new habits
  • 15:12 - What we cover today
  • 19:31 - Eisenhower’s matrix
  • 26:30 - The 4 disciplines
  • 31:01 - Simplifying your steps
  • 35:05 - Using our goals as examples
  • 39:29 - Lead measures vs. lag measures
  • 45:15 - Three sides of a miserable job
  • 50:30 - The discipline of accountability
  • 53:28 - Applying the 4 disciplines to our podcast
  • 58:51- Focusing on the moves that matter
  • 1:03:01 - Our two wildly important goals
  • 1:09:02 - Honing in on social media
  • 1:14:01 - Wrapping things up

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